Why American men love single Asian women

Lots of American men love single Asian women, but why?  Here are some reasons why American men love dating Chinese girls, read on to see if you can join their ranks:

asian dating

  1. Chinese women are adorable.  A lot of Asian women take pride in their appearance.  In the Chinese culture, being beautiful and feminine is what gives these women power and value.  In an effort to make themselves seem even more adorable, they act in a cutesy way that really drives American guys wild!
  2. A fresh take on gender roles. Western culture can seem very patriarchal and certain American men want something more.  However, despite the fact that many women are now working in China, their role is typically to rule over the household, organize their husbands’ money, and decide what their children study.  It is actually a very matriarchal society.
  3. Chinese women are excited about American culture.  In recent years, single Asian women have become more excited about Western culture than ever before.  This means that the interest American men have in Asian women is reciprocated, thus allowing for more happy romantic relationships than just a few years ago.
  4. Good Chinese food!  Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and many Chinese women know their way around the kitchen.  Of course, not every Chinese girl is a top chef – that would be impossible – but many of them have learned how to make traditional foods amazingly.

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