Asian dating at Beijing’s Daxing Watermelon Festival

Sometimes, Asian dating means that you will get the wonderful chance to visit China and experience its rich and interesting culture.  One of the events that might make for a really fun date is Beijing’s Daxing Watermelon Festival.

The festival is celebrated from May 28th to June 2nd in Beijing’s Daxing District, which is in the city’s southern suburbs.  As you might have imagined, the focus of the festival is the watermelon!


So, what is a festival that pays homage to the watermelon all about, exactly?  Basically, it is a beauty pageant for watermelons.  Farmers from all over the country bring their watermelons to compete for a grand prize of 10,000 yuan, which is just over $1,600 USD.  The melons are rated based on their appearance, sugar content, skin thickness, and taste.

The competition actually takes place a few days before the festival at Daxing’s Chinese Watermelon Museum.  Winning melons are put on display throughout the festival, which has been going on since 1988.

Other festival activities include folk art exhibits, presentations on modern Chinese farming, and of course, plenty of watermelons to eat!  You can even pick your own watermelons from the nearby field to take home (to the hotel or your girlfriend’s family’s home – there are certain rules about transporting produce internationally).

If you haven’t figured it out already, a lot of Asian dating is about having fun – it’s not solely based on tradition and family relationships, although those do play an important role in any relationship.  The Watermelon Festival is a great way to incorporate some fun into the romantic experience, and may even be a great way to include her friends and family as well.

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