Asian dating at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Lots of men are initially interested in Asian dating because they think Chinese women are meek, subservient, and quiet, but they are quickly surprised when they find out the opposite is usually true.  The idea of the subservient Chinese woman is an overrated stereotype; the truth of the matter is that many of them are educated, assertive, and smart.

Hong Kong

Armed with this knowledge, you might find that the Hong Kong Book Fair is a great place for Asian dating.  If you are planning to travel to China in July, the book fair will be taking place from July 16th through the 22nd and is a great way for book lovers to spend their day.

Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council every year, the Hong Kong Book Fair is intended to promote the local reading culture.  This year’s theme happens to be “Reading the World – Reading for a Better World.”

Attendees will get to explore new book exhibits, media products, reading and writing workshops, seminars, and panel sessions.  There will also be author autograph sessions as well as plenty of opportunities to buy books!

Asian dating isn’t just about flowers and dinner; it can be a highly intellectual experience when you meet the right person, which is why this book fair might very well be a great way to start off your trip.

The Hong Kong Book Fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention Center and costs $25 HKD for adults.

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