Asian dating literature discussion: I Am China

When you’re dating someone, especially long-distance Asian dating, you’re going to want to find out a lot about each other.  What are your common interests?  Do you enjoy the same movies?  What about books? Woman

Even if you haven’t read any of the same books, literature can be a fascinating topic when dating. If you’re Asian dating, you might want to read books about China or those written by Chinese authors.  This can help you develop a true and deeper appreciation for the culture.  That’s why we’re giving you a heads up on a new book…

In Xiaolu Guo’s latest novel, I Am China, the author asks some rather potent questions, such as how far an artist should go.  As you are probably aware, China’s political environment is a lot different than most countries in the West.  In an authoritarian state like China, is art always political?  Is it always propaganda?  Guo goes even further to ask what the responsibilities of the artist actually are and where one’s individuality exists.

At the heart of the novel is Kublai Jian, an underground punk rocker living in Beijing just after the events at Tiananmen Square.  He falls in love with a young poet, Deng Mu, and a story unfolds across continents, years, and belief structures.  The reader observes their story through letters and diary entries being sorted and translated by a publisher.

As the story unfolds, the reader is ultimately immersed into the dilemma that many Chinese artists face even to this day: should they take a stand or not?  Many individuals feel the pressure to preserve family, tradition, and culture while simultaneously desiring to express their individuality and creativity.  This book is sure to inspire a lot of interesting conversations.

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