Asian dating and mixed marriages

Although Asian dating and mixed marriages seem pretty commonplace today, this wasn’t always the case.  In fact, such relationships have historically been frowned upon in mainland China.

The Chinese culture has always been very different from that of most countries in the West.  Several decades ago, public displays of affection and discussions of sex were both punished and thought to be Western spiritual pollution.

Rings with roses

In the past, families would often disown children who dated or married a foreigner, especially if that foreigner happened to be an American, and social isolation was the norm in these cases.  It was not unheard of for universities to expel students for dating or marrying non-Chinese individuals.

It is important not to let the history of Asian dating and mixed marriages deter you.  Although it has been a long, bumpy road, the number of Chinese women marrying foreign-born men has gradually risen over time.  A revolution of sorts has taken place that has changed the way people dress and how they display their affection, and inhibitions about sex have diminished.

What many Chinese people are learning is that a mixed marriage is a great opportunity to travel, learn about other cultures, and explore the world.  Speaking English in China is also grounds for higher pay and more job opportunities.

Despite these cultural setbacks that are slowly going away, there is one thing to remember: follow your heart!

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