Asian dating online? Tips for that first message

Asian dating online can be a lot of fun, but if you’re new at the practice, you might need a few tips for sending that first message.  Just like a pick-up line in a person-to-person exchange, the first message can range from silly to weird.

online dating - messages

There is an art to online Asian dating.  In fact, lots of people receive hundreds of messages every month, so you really want yours to stand out when you make your move.  With the right combination of intelligence and charm, your messages will start to garner a response from those you want to meet most!

Here are a few light-hearted suggestions.  Remember, your goal is to catch her attention while not coming off as a creep.  It’s all about having fun and being honest…

  • Hey, what’s up?  There really isn’t a requirement for creativity.  If you just want to send a simple “hello” message, go for it.  This is actually a pretty effective route to take since it is so simple.
  • You like that? Me, too!  If you’ve spotted someone who has similar interests, go ahead and message her about that common link.  It shows that you’ve paid attention to her profile and might be someone she would be interested in meeting.
  • That’s really cool!  As you’re going through potential dates, you might come across something that an individual has done or made.  Go ahead and send a message offering your thoughts about it and invite her for a chat!

Although there really is no right or wrong way to send that first message, we hope these simple ideas help you out.  If you’ve got a different approach, let us know!

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