Asian women and Alcatraz

You might be wondering what the connection is between Asian women and Alcatraz, and you’d be right to question the association. After all, Alcatraz was never the site of a women’s prison, let alone a place where Asian women went after committing crimes.Alcatraz

The closed-down prison situated on its own island in the San Francisco Bay is one of California’s most popular tourist attractions. It also happens to be the site of Chinese artist and provocateur Ai Weiwei’s next exhibit. This will certainly give you something to talk about with your online Chinese girlfriend.

Ai examines the dichotomy of central themes like freedom and confinement in the exhibit, which is called “@Large.”  The dissident artist is currently confined to China and was able to pull off his artistic endeavor without stepping a single foot onto U.S. soil.

“For an artist to not be able to see the venue, and afterwards to not be able to interact with the audience — if I had to imagine the toughest restriction about an exhibition, that would be it,” Ai explains.

Another challenge is that Alcatraz is still owned by the Federal government, which means the artist needed to get permission from the U.S. State Department. This was a difficult feat because he also happens to be one of China’s most vocal critics. The $3.5 million exhibit is mostly privately funded.

Asian women sometimes come to the United States to visit their online boyfriends. If the two of you will be in the San Francisco area in the near future, you might want to go check out the exhibit at Alcatraz.

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