Asian women, colors, and clothes

When you’re dating Asian women, it is always a good idea to learn as much about their culture as possible.  This appreciation of their heritage can go a long way, especially if you are of Western descent.  A big part of Chinese culture in particular is in color and clothing.

Colour palette

Red, black, and white are the three central colors within the country’s culture, and each color bears a particular significance.

Red, the color of blood, is the symbol of wealth, happiness, fame, and good luck.  Black, often associated with feces, symbolizes dirt, evil, sin, disaster, sadness, and suffering.  It is the color of bad luck and should not be worn to special festivals or celebrations.  As the intermediate between red and black, white – also the color of mother’s milk – is the symbol for purity, honesty, life, and moderation.  However, it is also used frequently in funerals because it is thought to harmonize all of the elements.

When it comes to clothing, Asian women and men also observe certain practices, although there are no specific rules.

Traditionally, black has been avoided, although modern Chinese people have begun to incorporate more black into their wardrobes.  Generally, bright colors are the norm, except when it comes to dressing for one’s profession.  For example, those doing manual labor might get dirty more frequently, so they often stick to darker clothing.

The next time you think about color and clothing and you’re in China, consider how these elements integrate into Chinese culture.

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