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What Chinese dating sites don’t discuss: the male-female surplus

Most Chinese dating sites are all about love and romance, but they often fail to mention the male-to-female trends that are taking root in China.

One child policy in china

It is no secret that China has practiced its infamous one-child policy, which was intended as a form of population control, for the past 30 years. This has led to a high number of sex selection abortions, with male babies being preferred over female ones. Therefore, there is a significant surplus of young men in China in comparison to young women.

Over time, this imbalance will become completely unsustainable, which might be why the Chinese government has begun easing the restrictions of the one-child policy.

This imbalance has led Chinese women to become quite selective when it comes to choosing a mate. Many of them have joined Chinese dating sites to broaden their prospects even further. In many cases, Chinese women are seeking romantic relationships with Western men.

The same can be said for Chinese men, but there is a double standard. Because Chinese women have become so choosy, men are also joining online dating sites and seeking to date women from the West. However, this can be tricky for some Chinese men, as many Western women aren’t as interested in dating someone from China as their male counterparts are.

Belong to a Chinese dating site? Learn what not to say

When you join a Chinese dating site, chances are you might become involved romantically with someone who does not speak English as a first language. In addition, you probably don’t know much about communicating in Mandarin (or Cantonese). However, there are a few things you really need to learn.

Chinese language learning concept

If you took a foreign language class in school, you probably learned that a lot of the idioms we use all the time in English don’t translate well into other languages. In fact, sometimes these phrases are taken quite literally and can be shocking to someone who is new to the language. A good example of this might be “raining cats and dogs”.

If this happens when translating from English to another language, why wouldn’t the same be true the other way around? Well, it actually is – and this might not be something your Chinese dating site goes over, so pay attention!

One thing you must learn right away is not to call a Chinese woman “xiao jie” because she might interpret it as “prostitute”! You might think that it is a term of respect, because often it is. In Singapore, for example, it isn’t uncommon for one to address a female stranger as “xiao jie”, which is the Mandarin equivalent of “Miss”. However, in northern China, the same phrase is a derogatory term for a prostitute, which is something many women would not appreciate!

When it comes to communicating in other languages, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. Instead of “xiao jie”, you might want to stick with “xiao gu niang” or “gu niang”, both of which are more widely accepted as “miss” or “madam”.

Good luck!

Fifty shades of Asian dating

Are there fifty shades of Asian dating? Probably. If you are a fan of the erotic book Fifty Shades of Grey written by E.L. James, chances are you already know that the film is due out this week.


Fifty Shades of Grey caused quite the uproar throughout the United States when it first hit the shelves. Some libraries refused to add it to their collection while some bookstores wouldn’t even sell it. With all this excitement, how did things pan out in China?

Believe it or not, China has quite the Fifty Shades following despite the fact that the film has been deemed too taboo to be shown in the Chinese mainland. The book itself has never been officially translated or published in China, but readers can access it by reading digital versions obtained via e-commerce platforms.

Despite all the so-called scandal surrounding the book – the story features bondage and strong sexual themes – many readers were actually disappointed by the book. However, Chinese readers are very excited about the upcoming movie, which stars Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele.

Although it won’t be playing in mainland China, it will be playing in Hong Kong, so if Asian dating has brought you to the area this week, why not check out the movie?

Safety tips for Chinese dating sites

A decade ago when Chinese dating sites first began to blossom, it was risky for people to go out on a date with someone they met online, especially for women. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then.


Today, meeting someone online through Chinese dating sites is a normal part of dating. The process is simple: find a reputable dating site, sign up, and make connections. The good dating sites do have a vetting process, but there are still safety concerns that are worth mentioning in light of some recent reports, according to China Daily.

There have been several cases in which women were defrauded, attacked, or worse after meeting people they had met online. Although this type of thing is quite rare, the Chinese government is rightly concerned.

The Criminal Department at the Supreme People’s Court wants to warn people not to immediately trust or believe what people say online and to practice safety when engaging in online dating. This seems like common sense, but it is true that there are safety concerns even in today’s modern online dating environment. Here are some tips everyone should remember:

  • Don’t immediately share your real name, personal email address, phone number, or address with anyone you’ve met online.
  • Be concerned if anyone wants to meet immediately or asks for money or any other sort of financial assistance.
  • After you’ve communicated for a while and decide to meet, always do it in a public place, bring a friend, and let others know where you are going.