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Chinese dating: don’t make these five mistakes

If you’re an American who is involved in a Chinese dating relationship, there are a lot of differences from the relationships you might be used to. Although Chinese women are interested in many of the same things as American women, there are some fundamental differences, especially in the way they expect a romantic relationship to go.

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A word to the wise: do not make these mistakes if you’re dating a Chinese lady:

  1. Don’t be in such a hurry. Slow down and take it easy. In most cases, Chinese women are immune to silly pick-up lines, so don’t waste your time. Take it slowly and ease into it – you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Keep your eyes to yourself. Yes, we said your eyes. Don’t stare at a female you don’t know. It’s rude in most cultures, but it is especially bad in China.
  3. Don’t ask for a phone number right away. It is never a good idea to introduce yourself and then immediately request a woman’s phone number.
  4. If you don’t speak Mandarin, don’t risk it. If you think you’re being charming by trying out the local language and call a girl “xiao jie”, you’ll be sorry. The formal meaning is “Miss” but informally you’ll be calling her a prostitute.
  5. Stay away from political conversations. This is important when a relationship is new because the Chinese government is very different from those in the West. You don’t want to hurt her feelings or insult her.

Here is a bonus tip for you:

Know that being “open-minded” might not mean the same thing to both of you. She is probably saying that she’s open to new ideas, easy to get along with, and is extroverted. It has nothing to do with the bedroom!

By keeping these tips in mind, you can start your relationship off on the right foot. Good luck!

Black Friday information for people who use Chinese dating sites

Although the biggest shopping day of the year will soon be upon us, it is unlikely that you will find any Black Friday specials on Chinese dating sites. Nevertheless, you might be interested to know that China has its own version of Black Friday.

It’s called Singles’ Day and it’s not mentioned very frequently on Chinese dating sites. Basically, it’s the opposite of Valentine’s Day. It is a day where everyone is supposed to purchase gifts for single people, and it usually falls on 11/11.

Singles day

Although some Chinese retailers have taken advantage of this day, there are more sinister sociological reasons that it exists in the first place. The imbalanced ratio of men to women in China is largely to blame. In 2011, there were about 34 million more men than women in the country.

It is not unusual for more boys than girls to be born in a given year, but the drastic difference in China is more likely due to China’s “one child policy”. The policy was originally intended to curb overpopulation and was strictly enforced. Today, some of the rules have been relaxed.

Right now, 94 percent of unmarried people in China are men, and many of them are turning to markets for a chance at finding love – or at the very least, a wife. Yes, we’re talking about physical markets where individuals post ads outlining their characteristics, achievements, and desires. It’s basically spouse shopping!

Asian dating on Thanksgiving in China

When a man engages in Asian dating with a Chinese woman, there is often a chance that he might find himself in China at some point.  Sometimes, this happens over the holidays when most Americans have a little extra time off.  If you’re headed to China and will be there for Thanksgiving – a very American holiday – here’s what you need to know.

First of all, this day of giving thanks is sort of catching on in China, although it is primarily celebrated by Americans and Canadians who are currently living in the country.  It is observed on the same day as it is in America: the fourth Thursday in November.  Some teachers have begun teaching their students about Thanksgiving as well.

China Holidays Concept

The reinterpretation of Thanksgiving by the Chinese isn’t so bad – it’s all about giving thanks to their teachers, friends, parents, and other people.  This is very similar to the modern U.S. premise.  Originally, the holiday was about giving thanks to God, but times have changed that a little.

Chinese people who celebrate Thanksgiving call it “Gan’en Jie” and have a Western meal while giving thanks to those they love and respect.  Sometimes, a small gift is presented to those they are thanking.

When it comes to food, some new Chinese supermarkets in the big cities have begun stocking frozen turkeys and all the fixings for the holiday meal.  However, most people roast a goose instead because they are easier to find in China.

If your Asian dating brings you to China for Thanksgiving, it might be a wonderful time to share a little something about your culture and heritage with your new girlfriend’s family!

Holiday shopping tips you won’t learn on Chinese dating sites

Most Chinese dating sites offer a plethora of dating tips, profile-writing suggestions, and cultural facts so that you are fully equipped for a romantic relationship with someone from China, but they don’t cover everything. For example, did you know that China has its own version of Black Friday when it comes to shopping?

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Black Friday is the ubiquitous kick-off to the holiday shopping season in the United States. It falls on the Friday right after Thanksgiving, which is usually about a month away from Christmas. Americans do quite a bit of shopping during this time of year. E-commerce giant Alibaba decided to give China its own answer to this profit-fueled day with Singles’ Day.

It is important to know that Alibaba didn’t invent Singles’ Day; the idea was actually concocted by a group of romantically unattached university students back in 1993. The holiday is the opposite of Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on November 11th. The date was chosen for a reason; check out all the 1s (for singles) in the date 11/11. The holiday caught on and is now celebrated annually.

Singles’ Day is a lot like Black Friday in China. Stores and retailers offer gigantic discounts to shoppers and generate tons of revenue.

If you’re chatting a lady up on Chinese dating sites and she mentions needing to go shopping for Singles’ Day, don’t fret. She isn’t disinterested in you and might even consider you her boyfriend; she’s just looking for a good deal!