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The engagement ring and Asian dating

When it comes to Asian dating, there’s no question that common practices and customs differ greatly from those in the West, so why wouldn’t engagement customs also be unique? Many times, Western men are surprised by just how different things really are.

Engagement ring

What happens when Asian dating leads a couple to fall in love? The result is frequently the same as it is in the West: a marriage proposal ensues.

Does a Chinese woman expect an engagement ring? The short answer is both yes and no. Traditionally, there is no engagement ring custom in China. Nevertheless, many modern Chinese couples follow the trend of American couples and get engagement rings. When a couple marries, neither wears a ring in the traditional sense. In fact, most women wear a gold or silver bracelet engraved with a phoenix or dragon instead.

The engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love and intention to marry. It’s a wonderful idea, but in the modern United States, this tradition has fallen by the wayside. The engagement ring is less about what the ring actually represents and more about the ring itself. It’s about how much the guy spends and the cut, clarity, color and carat.

If you are planning to ask your special girl to marry you, there is no proper engagement ring requirement. If you do want to get her a ring, think about what she might like. Have fun with it and don’t limit yourself to just diamonds and platinum. You can choose anything based on her personal preference.

Asian women and Alcatraz

You might be wondering what the connection is between Asian women and Alcatraz, and you’d be right to question the association. After all, Alcatraz was never the site of a women’s prison, let alone a place where Asian women went after committing crimes.Alcatraz

The closed-down prison situated on its own island in the San Francisco Bay is one of California’s most popular tourist attractions. It also happens to be the site of Chinese artist and provocateur Ai Weiwei’s next exhibit. This will certainly give you something to talk about with your online Chinese girlfriend.

Ai examines the dichotomy of central themes like freedom and confinement in the exhibit, which is called “@Large.”  The dissident artist is currently confined to China and was able to pull off his artistic endeavor without stepping a single foot onto U.S. soil.

“For an artist to not be able to see the venue, and afterwards to not be able to interact with the audience — if I had to imagine the toughest restriction about an exhibition, that would be it,” Ai explains.

Another challenge is that Alcatraz is still owned by the Federal government, which means the artist needed to get permission from the U.S. State Department. This was a difficult feat because he also happens to be one of China’s most vocal critics. The $3.5 million exhibit is mostly privately funded.

Asian women sometimes come to the United States to visit their online boyfriends. If the two of you will be in the San Francisco area in the near future, you might want to go check out the exhibit at Alcatraz.

How are Chinese girls supposed to speak?

At first, many Western men might perceive Chinese girls to be rude, but their manner of speaking can actually be attributed to a difference in culture.

Chinese speech

Speaking volumes

In China, conversations out in public can seem quite loud and boisterous, especially to those who aren’t used to it. In many cases, it sounds like these people are arguing loudly.  However, when it comes down to gender roles, what is expected of Chinese girls and guys is very different. Chinese etiquette states that the ideal way for women to speak is to do so quietly with one’s head slightly bowed. Men who speak loudly are not considered to have bad manners.

Have you eaten?

There are also differences when it comes to greeting an individual. Inappropriate greetings are frowned upon. Between acquaintances and strangers as well as on formal occasions, the Mandarin greeting “Ni Hao,” which means, “You good?” is typical. In more familiar settings, a greeting that roughly translates to “Have you eaten?” is used. This is a great example of just how central food is to Chinese people.

Shaking hands

A traditional handshake involves interlocking fingers and waving the hands up and down a few times. This isn’t as widely used today as it once was, but it is still used in formal settings such as funerals and weddings. Modern Chinese people shake hands much like those in the West do.

Asian dating examined in “The Leftover Monologues”

Asian dating is very different from dating in the West. Part of this might be due to China’s One Child Policy, which was implemented in the late 1970s and has put the ratio of women to men in the country severely off kilter.

Chinese culture

Many Chinese people might consider themselves as modern in terms of today’s social views; however, when it comes to dating, parental pressure can still outweigh true love in many cases. Asian dating is often intended for families to move up the social ladder or to maintain a certain status. Some dating choices are also fueled by the fear of becoming a “leftover woman.”

In China, women who haven’t married by the age of 27 are considered “leftover.”  These are typically women who have gone to college and chosen a career rather than family life. Many of these ladies turn to online dating and men from the West because of this stigma. Now, these concerns are being laid out on the stage.

“The Leftover Monologues” is a play that was inspired by the wildly popular Broadway show, “The Vagina Monologues.”  However, this Middle Kingdom version focuses on Chinese and foreign women – and some men – and their stories of romance, love, dating, and the crippling fear of being leftover.

American journalist Roseann Lake is the brain behind “The Leftover Monologues.”  She has just finished writing a book about love in China, which drew her attention to the phenomenon of leftover women and just how different Asian dating is from American dating.

The play opened in Beijing over the summer and ran for a couple of weeks. If it opens professionally in the coming years and you are interested in Chinese culture, you might want to check it out to gain some insight into the Chinese dating scene.