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Asian women, colors, and clothes

When you’re dating Asian women, it is always a good idea to learn as much about their culture as possible.  This appreciation of their heritage can go a long way, especially if you are of Western descent.  A big part of Chinese culture in particular is in color and clothing.

Colour palette

Red, black, and white are the three central colors within the country’s culture, and each color bears a particular significance.

Red, the color of blood, is the symbol of wealth, happiness, fame, and good luck.  Black, often associated with feces, symbolizes dirt, evil, sin, disaster, sadness, and suffering.  It is the color of bad luck and should not be worn to special festivals or celebrations.  As the intermediate between red and black, white – also the color of mother’s milk – is the symbol for purity, honesty, life, and moderation.  However, it is also used frequently in funerals because it is thought to harmonize all of the elements.

When it comes to clothing, Asian women and men also observe certain practices, although there are no specific rules.

Traditionally, black has been avoided, although modern Chinese people have begun to incorporate more black into their wardrobes.  Generally, bright colors are the norm, except when it comes to dressing for one’s profession.  For example, those doing manual labor might get dirty more frequently, so they often stick to darker clothing.

The next time you think about color and clothing and you’re in China, consider how these elements integrate into Chinese culture.

Chinese dating and the art of fine photography

A perk of Chinese dating is that you may get to take a trip to China at some point.  China has a rich history and culture, and its first and largest fair focusing on fine art photography opened this past weekend in Shanghai.

Fine art photography

The Photo Shanghai fair features more than 500 different works from photographers all over the world; however, there is one exhibit that is drawing a significant amount of attention in particular – the piece belongs to Zhang Kechun and features a 40-foot-high Buddha head sitting in the center of an open pit coal mine.

Why is this photograph drawing so much attention from the Chinese public?  Perhaps it is because coal mine bosses are pretty much reviled in China; they are seen as corrupt, greedy, and operating without any regard for the safety of their employees.  Buddha, on the other hand, is a highly revered icon.

Perhaps the Buddha is there to protect the coal miners: according to Kechun, the coal mine owner depicted in the photo left the mining industry to become a monk.

“They dig coal every day, and suddenly one day they realize ‘What I do isn’t too good,’” Kechun explains.  “So they came up with a way to redeem themselves. So they chose to believe in Buddhism.”

This fine art photography fair is particularly important because the medium didn’t emerge in China until the 1990s.  Previously, the Chinese Communist Party viewed such art as propaganda and it was essentially banned.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of culture while Chinese dating, consider looking into and learning more about Chinese fine art photography.

Why are many Chinese girls interested in dragons?

Are you wondering why some Chinese girls are so interested in dragons? You might have noticed that the dragon plays an important role in Chinese culture and legend, but few Westerners actually know the whole story.

Dragon Traditional 1

According to legend, dragons used to roam the lands, seas, and skies in China.  These magical creatures were able to summon wind, call for rain, breathe fire, sleep in the sea, and soar in the sky.  Dragons were also thought to have the ability to make themselves extremely large or as small as they wanted.

Chinese dragons aren’t anything like those we hear about in medieval folklore that would burn down castles and kidnap princesses.  In fact, the Chinese dragon is a benevolent creature that is worshipped to this day. It signified strength, good luck, and power.  The number nine is considered lucky in China because the dragon is comprised of nine animal resemblances.

Modern-day Chinese citizens refer to themselves as descendants of Yangdi and Huangdi, two legendary tribe leaders born of the dragon that defeated the ruthless Chi You, thus starting Chinese civilization.

Today, the dragon still plays a major role in Chinese celebrations.  The dragon dance is performed at a number of celebrations such as the Chinese New Year.  There are even a number of festivals focusing on the celebration of the dragon legend.

If you want to impress Chinese girls, do a little more research into the cultural significance of the dragon and share what you’ve learned.  There is a lot more to Chinese culture than dragons, so be prepared to learn a lot of interesting things.

Spotting red flags when dating Asian singles online

Meeting and dating Asian singles online is often just as thrilling and romantic as meeting and dating in real life, but there are some things you should be wary of in the age of the Internet.

Red flags - warning

Lots of people have found love online: although it might seem like there are a lot of Asian singles on the Internet, it is possible to meet someone you really connect with.  However, there are always a few bad seeds out there, which is why we’ve put together this list of red flags to watch for as you continue to date online:

  • She’s too eager to meet in person.  Online dating can be taken slowly, so if someone is pressuring you to meet in person before you are ready, it can be a red flag.  There is no rush, so take your time.  After you’ve been corresponding for a while, feel free to try and meet face-to-face.
  • There’s no bio in the profile.  The bio in an online dating profile is a critical part of the process.  Otherwise, how do you know you really want to get to know this person better?  If there is no bio at all, this person is either really boring or might be hiding something.  Be careful.
  • There aren’t any photos.  Another huge part of online dating is the photos.  If your online love doesn’t have any photos or the picture is out of focus and hard to see, you might want to be careful.
  • Canned responses.  If the responses or messages you’ve received seem too robotic or “canned”, go ahead and keep looking.  Lots of other people might have gotten the same communication and it could be a scam.
  • Repeated cancellations.  Things come up in life, but if a person makes plans and cancels them repeatedly, you might want to move on.

Online dating, like face-to-face dating, has its benefits and its risks.  However, it is easy to reduce these risks and make the most of your online dating experience by paying attention and staying vigilant.