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Dating the Modern Chinese Woman

Chinese women today are not the same stereotypical Asian girl that’s so often depicted as being demure and helpless. They are certainly beautiful and feminine. There’s no doubt about that. However, the modern Chinese woman also happens to be strong, as well as highly intelligent, and many have advanced degrees and are well on their way to building their careers.

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When dating the modern Chinese woman, Western men will find that there is a difference between doing that and dating “traditional” Chinese women. Let’s look at these differences a bit more closely to give you a better idea of what it’s like.

What Makes Modern Asian Women Different

First, let’s look at the elements that typify the traditional woman in China. She may be very studious, but also humble and shy, as well as deferential, sometimes to her detriment. While respect is fantastic between both men and women, women should not always have to capitulate to what the men want. Mutual respect is necessary. Many traditional women in China are very family oriented as well.

Now, we’ll look at the modern Chinese woman. They tend to be more independent emotionally and financially, and they are typically very outgoing. As mentioned, they are career and goal oriented, and highly educated. In addition, they often live alone and travel alone. This is especially true of women in urbanized areas who have devoted most of their time and energy to building their own identity, rather than sticking just to what their traditional Chinese families want for them.

Because of these differences, and the fact that many families – and men – in China expect a woman to be married at a relatively young age, by her mid-twenties, many modern Chinese women who have pursued a career and travel over settling down early end up struggling to find a man who appreciates what they have to offer in their own country.

These women are more and more often turning to online dating to find a Western man with a more open mind, one who values their life experience and independence and is much less concerned with age. Western men are very much accustomed to women who don’t marry until their late twenties, early thirties, or even in their forties, so this is seldom a concern when they choose a partner.

Finding the Right Mix

Of course, it is also important to remember that each woman is an individual and likely has some traits from both of these categories. When you meet a woman, it’s important to get to know more about her and the things that she finds important when you are deciding if the two of you are compatible. Are you looking for someone who is modern and independent, or are you looking for someone who is more traditional?

It’s likely that even if you meet a beautiful Chinese woman who is modern, independent, and has pursued her own life before seeking a relationship, she will still have ties to some of her traditional background. You want to make sure that her needs and wants will mesh well with yours, and that the two of you will be able to agree on important aspects of your life together. For example, she may be ready to settle down and stay home to raise children for a while, or she may desire to have kids yet continue to work. Either way you want to be sure you can agree on how to do things.

You have to find the person that makes you happy, and you have to be sure that she’s happy as well.

Chivalry Is Not Dead When Dating Chinese Women

When you look at the ways that some people who are together and claim to be in love treat one another, you would think that good manners and chivalry had gone the way of the dodo. You’d think it is gone, kaput, and extinct. However, chivalry isn’t dead, especially not when you are dating Chinese women. Very simple displays, such as opening doors for women when at the car, or going into a building can be an actual turn on for many Chinese women. This is because it’s less common to find these acts today, particularly when it comes to men in China.

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True Kindness

Having a good heart goes hand in hand with chivalry. The way you treat her, along with her family and friends, will certainly color her opinion of you. However, it goes deeper than that. She wants to see how you treat others in the world around you. If you are not a kind and goodhearted person, then it is a turnoff. If, on the other hand, she sees that you automatically help an elderly person who can’t reach that item on the top shelf, or that you have a soft spot for animals, she will be touched and want to get to know you better.

These little shows of gentlemanly behavior, along with your compassionate and tender attitude toward your beautiful Chinese date, will go a long way toward making a great impression on her. This kind of treatment also goes hand-in-hand with the courtship-like dating rituals which many women in China prefer. It shows her that you value her as a woman, and also know how to be nurturing.

 A Delicate Balance

However, you have to keep a mind that there is a difference between being chivalrous and being overprotective and trying to do everything for her. She’s a big girl, and probably very strong and capable in her own right. What you need to do is strike a balance between modern man and knight in shining armor. Ideally, you will learn enough about her to follow her lead and know what she wants.

It can be tough in today’s world to show a woman the respect she deserves – recognizing that she’s just as fully capable as you are – while also demonstrating your own qualities as a caretaker. She wants to be shown appreciation as an individual, as well as see that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make her happy.

Two-Way Street

Of course, this works both ways – you want to find a beautiful Chinese woman who also treats you with respect and shows you affection in small but meaningful ways. When you find someone with whom you share a mutual wish to take care of one another, you’ll know you’re on to something good. When both parties are kind and generous with each other, this is the foundation of a solid start to a relationship.

Even though it sounds intimidating to be just the perfect man for your new romantic interest, if you’re truly a good and caring individual, all of the things you need to do will come naturally. If you’re with the right person for you, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them in your life.

When you are kind and chivalrous, and when you show the woman the respect she deserves, your value will rise in her eyes. Instead of merely being a man that she met and dated, you could become the man that she sees as a large part of her future, and that’s just what you want.

Best Reasons to Use a Chinese Dating Service

No one likes to be alone, and no one likes the fruitless search for love that people have had to endure since the dawn of time. Fortunately, the Internet has helped to make things quite a bit easier for those who want find true love. Using a Chinese dating service can be a fantastic way to find someone who might be your soul mate even though she could be a world away. Let’s look at some of the best reasons to use an online dating service.

Chinese Dating Service

An Expansive Dating Pool

First, you will be able to meet gorgeous women on a Chinese dating service. These are women who are serious about finding someone to love that’s just like you. The women on the sites are often highly educated and intelligent, not to mention beautiful. You have the potential to find the woman of your dreams, someone with brains and beauty, on these sites.

Why is this better for some men than traditional, local dating? Because Chinese dating sites literally open up a whole other world of potential partners. How do you know your ideal woman isn’t halfway across the world? You don’t! If you’ve struggled for years trying to find that perfect person to complete your life, but haven’t had any luck in your own city – or country – you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your ideal companion is just an email away.

A Simpler Experience

Second, many people find that online dating in the beginning is simply easier and more comfortable. There is less pressure, and there’s no obligation to meet her and impress her in person right away. You have time to actually get to know one another to make sure you are compatible before you meet. It’s a fantastic way to make sure you are actually right for one another before you move the relationship forward. This means that the relationships that develop from the Chinese dating service tend to be more stable than simply meeting and dating someone you met in a bar and club.

More Committed Women

While you certainly want to be cautious with any new relationship, making sure that the person is genuine, Chinese women generally take a more serious approach to dating. Casual dating is not the norm in their culture, and so they typically go into a romance with a mind toward building a long-term, devoted relationship. This saves you wasted time and effort courting women who are just going to bounce to the next guy, and the next, before ever settling down for the long haul.


What’s more exciting than getting to know an entirely new culture, and ultimately traveling to that mysterious land to experience its magic firsthand? One of the best reasons to use a Chinese dating site is that it creates a unique opportunity to enrich not only your romantic life, but your entire world as well. Think of how fun it will be to tell friends and family the interesting story of how you met your significant other. You’ll be living proof that overseas dating can work – and work very well – to help you find that special lady who adds so much to your life. Plus, you’ll get to see a place you might not have otherwise.

Online dating is the way of the new world, and it could be the ideal way for you to meet your future spouse. It’s better than the old school method of dating, and it’s actually very easy to get started. Get online and find the woman of your dreams today.

Chinese Dating Online Becoming More Commonplace

As more and more people in China have been getting on the Internet over the last few years, it’s becoming quite common to find people using services for Chinese dating online. This is particularly true of women in the country looking for men from the West. They are unable to find someone compatible in China, so it’s only natural to look outside of the country to find someone to love, and the web has made it easier than ever.

Chinese dating online

Because of the proliferation of women using services for Chinese dating online, it has become easier for many men in the West to actually meet them. In the past, it would have been pure chance on a trip to China to meet the woman of your dreams. Today, she could be just a couple of clicks away.

What Kind of Women Use Chinese Dating Sites?

We’ve all heard the stereotypes, that foreign women in the online dating world are simply looking for a way to leave their country, or have some other ulterior motive for dating someone across the ocean. While it’s true that there are things to watch out for in any potential relationship, the truth is that China is home to many women who simply aren’t finding the type of man they’re interested in, at the stage of their life when they’re looking to marry.

One of the largest segments of women using these sites is those in their late twenties and beyond. Often, they are women who have pursued their education and career for a number of years, and who hadn’t given much thought to marriage. Now that they are getting a bit older, they are thinking about settling down and want to find a Western man to love. Another segment of women using services for Chinese dating online are those who are divorced and/or who have children. They know that it will be easier to find men outside of the country who are willing to accept their past relationships.

It can be hard for Westerners to imagine that there is any place on earth where a woman who’s had a previous marriage would have a difficult time meeting a suitable man, but that’s often the case for even the most beautiful Chinese women. Fortunately, the Western world has progressed to a point in history when little thought is given to a man marrying a woman with a past long-term relationship, even if she already has children.

New Opportunities

Ironically, although there still remains a very traditional view of dating and marriage among many Chinese families, the women – particularly those who live progressive, educated, urbanized lives – are beginning to want more say in their own happiness, and more freedom. These women are the ones looking to online dating to find a compatible partner, regardless of the fact that he may live half a world away. The internet is making it possible for these ladies to explore dating options outside of those to which they would traditionally be restricted. Even so, most women from China who are looking for a mate still have a strong sense of their own culture, so it’s important to learn as much as you can before you embark on your international dating adventure.

It is a fantastic time to meet gorgeous Chinese women online, and these dating sites make it easier than ever. Those who are considering online dating should make sure to vet the site they are using to make sure they are legitimate and have a good reputation. Like we said, your partner and soul mate could be closer than you ever dreamed.