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How do you know if a Chinese girl loves you?

Chinese girls are the most sought after girls in the world, when it comes to choosing a Chinese girl for a marriage. Before you start dating, you need to understand that the dynamics and etiquette are completely different to the western way. You are entering a cultural minefield, with a completely different set of customs and traditions. A Chinese girl will never make the first move. She will never be the first one to express her feelings or love. There are many signs which you might take to mean that the girl has genuine feelings, but are actually a cultural mannerisms instilled in them during their upbringing. Essentially, Chinese women are taught to conduct themselves in a specific manner in order to find a good life partner. If you are fortunate enough to get the attention of a Chinese girl, the following are some signals that a girl is interested in you.

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1.  She has concern for you: – Chinese culture expects the wife to take care of their husband’s health and well-being. So if a girl is concerned about your health, you may think that a girl asking you if you have had your lunch is just making conversation, but in fact it is her way of showing love and concern for you. She is be always interested to know how your life is, how your job is, your problems, your failures and your successes. You will find her there with you in your high and low points. Your life matters to her, if she loves you.

2.  She tells her parents about you: – Does she talks with you about her family? If yes, this is another good sign that the girl has fallen for you. If she asks you to meet her parents, she will almost certainly be in love with you.

3.  She agrees to go for a date: – Chinese girl agrees to go out for her first date only if she formally acknowledges you as the right man for marriage. A Second date with her can be considered as consent to the distinct possibility of marriage. A third date with her, will indicate that she wishes to marry you.

4.  She talks about her feelings: – If tells you that “She misses you” and “She cares for you”, she means it. These words need to be taken very seriously. Your Chinese girlfriend certainly won’t tell you this until she is certain she loves you.

5.  She asks you questions and talks to you a lot: – She always likes to talk to you. She asks you about people, their life and even their affairs. She will always pay attention what you say. She will remember what you talked about in your previous meetings. You should not take it as nosy but it is her way of expressing love for you. She will talk looking directly into your eyes.

6.  She will give you gifts: – Chinese girls love to offer gifts to their men. It can be as small as a red rose or expensive. You are definitely going to like all her gifts.

Why do Western men fascinate about Dating Chinese women?

Chinese women´s fascination with western men and also marrying them has been gradually increasing in China. As far back as 1983, a Chinese woman married a western man. Since then, the phenomenon has been on an exponential rise. There are thousands of Chinese women, like Priscilla Chan, wife of Mark Zuckerberg, who have married western men as their life partners. But the real question is why Chinese women get attracted to western men. What fascinates Chinese women about western men? What does a Chinese women seek when going for a long term relationship with a western man?


The main reason for the rise in western men dating Chinese women is the opening up of China’s mainland to the rest of the world. Western men are perceived by Chinese women on the basis of their understanding of western culture. Chinese women consider that western men are energetic, sports loving, tall and strong. Western men are considered to be well-educated, care-free, humorous, polite, confident and independent. They love the way westerners dress up, their appearance and hair styles. They think that western men stay clean and hygienic. They are thought to be more considerate to women, caring, romantic, and good in bed. The interests, hobbies, virtues of giving value to quality of life, respecting other’s privacy and choices are traits considered to be in western men, and Chinese women get attracted to this.

It’s the general perception in the minds of Chinese women that they can live their lives more freely with western men. They can explore their own career and can be more financially independent. Western culture is thought to be more diverse than Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese culture focuses on mainstream culture and caring for what society or family thinks, more than what individual thinking is. Whereas, western culture is taken to be more easy-going and western people bother less about what society or people say. This difference of culture and thinking makes western men more interesting to Chinese women as they think western men have individual and unique personalities. They are thought to be more fun loving and easy-going.

Chinese families are more likely to live together than western families. Western men move out of their family home in their teens to have a more independent life. Thus, the Chinese women take this to their advantage to live with an independent man. To live separate from families. Chinese women think that they can live more easy going life with western men as they are less patriarchal. The cultural differences between China and west have made western men quite different compared to Chinese men. They stand out in the eyes of Chinese women. For Chinese girls, western men are more suitable partners. With this phenomenon on the rise, many Chinese dating websites are on the rise, where many Chinese women seek for long term relationships with the western men and look to go for a date with them.

Dating Chinese women: Tips to confirm your date with a Chinese Girl!

Courtesy, affection and respect is absolutely expected from males, when it comes to date a Chinese woman. It’s not straightforward to date a Chinese woman. Here are 10 ideal ways to confirm your date with a Chinese woman.


1. You need to be careful with your words and actions. Every action you take and whatever you say should show affection and care for the girl. Chinese women love men who care for their every moment. So, be a part of their every moment to win their heart before you ask her for a date.

2. When she speaks, listen to every word. Be careful with your conversation, whether it is on the phone or face to face. keep eye contact when you talk to her. Be attentive and make sure you do not miss any detail.

3. Get friendly with her and her family. Let her talk about her and her family members. Show your interest in her family matters. Show respect toward her family elders and show affection for younger ones. Talk about her friends.

4. Don’t go too fast, as most of Chinese woman take their time to lose their shyness. Once you think she feels comfortable with you, look for the right moment to ask her for a date.

5. Check out for her interests and hobbies. Help her enrich her interests with gifts. Colourful flowers are especially appreciated, especially red roses.

6. Most of the Chinese women hate rumours. So, be careful you don’t make her part of any rumour. Respect her dignity and be discreet.

7. Talk with her about Chinese culture and cultural values. Talk about environment, naturopathy, greenery, body energy and Chinese food. Discuss plans with her to go out to some nice park or Chinese restaurant. Show your interest to learn using chopsticks.

8. Though modern Chinese women are open to talk about sex and sexual activity, be very careful about this. Compliment her beauty and shower her with praises. Talk about looks, hair, dress and smile.

9. Most important is you dress properly and shave regularly. Don’t show ego or attitude. Be sweet to them and you win her for a date.

10. Be calm, friendly and don’t get impatient even if she says no to your proposal for date. She may take her time and you may get a surprise call from her.

Chinese women are like other Asian women, but never expect them to take the first step. So, it’s always for you to act first. Make them relaxed and get comfortable with them before you ask them for a date. There is nothing casual about love or sex for Chinese women.

Chinese girls are a rich brew of traditions, who are a little mysterious and cautious towards their relationships, so sexual encounters are to be taken seriously. Although getting an innocent looking Chinese girlfriend can be an exotic idea the truth is that Chinese women make great wives and many western men have fallen for their charms.


Accommodations and Travel When Visiting China

You’ve used a Chinese dating service to meet a woman that you’ve come to care about deeply, even though you haven’t met her in person yet. Now, you are looking forward to meeting her and traveling to China. Keep in mind that it takes some preparation when you are traveling. You can’t just decide one day that you want to pay her a surprise visit. You need a plan.


After you’ve taken care of your passport and visa requirements, you have to think about the practical things that you need to do. You have to think about just how you are going to get to China. In addition, you have to consider where you are going to stay when you get there. You aren’t going to be staying with her or her family, so that means you need to have a hotel.

Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to find just what you need. Just as you used a Chinese dating service to meet a great woman, you can use sites such as,, and to find the travel arrangements and hotel accommodations that you need. When you are booking your travel, make sure that you are thinking about where she lives and where you hotel should be so that you can maximize the amount of time that you spend with her.

Make sure that you do a thorough review on the hotel where you will be staying as well. Choose a place that’s nice, in a great location, and that has some excellent amenities. Look at some reviews of the hotel so you know exactly what you are getting.

When you have a plan for your travel and accommodation in China, you will find that it’s much easier to spend time with the Chinese woman you met on our Chinese dating website.

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