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Meet Chinese women, move to China: Things to know

If one of your goals is to meet Chinese women, fall in love, and then move to China, you are on a path full of adventure.

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However, moving to China for any reason can be a challenge, even for the most experienced expatriate. If you’ve signed up to meet Chinese women and move to China, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • You might need support. Moving as an expatriate to China is both exciting and frustrating, but be aware that there are large numbers of expats living in the country who can help you feel more comfortable. Even if you’ve fallen in love and you have a new built-in Chinese family, you might still feel a bit of culture shock. Seek out other expats for some support.
  • The cost of living. Although China is still considered a developing country and the standard of living for much of the country is low, some expatriates experience higher pay and lower tax rates than the locals. This could put you in a better position in China than you would be at home. Nevertheless, the cost of living in China’s major cities remains among the highest in the world.
  • Language barriers. There isn’t just one Chinese language; there are several. Although most people speak Mandarin (about 70 percent of the population), there are also Cantonese, Shanghaiese, Minbei, Minnan, and several other minority languages. Most people speak English for business purposes.
  • The weather. China is a vast country, which means the climate can vary depending on your location. The northern region has short summers and can become extremely cold in the winter, while the central region is more temperate. Southern China has very short winters and very hot summers.

This is not a comprehensive list of things you’ll need to keep in mind for your move to China, but it should give you some food for thought. Good luck!

Why so many single Chinese women go for Western guys

It seems that many single Chinese women are interested in dating Western guys rather than their male Chinese counterparts. Why does this appear to be the case?


There are many arguments as to why so many single Chinese women go for Western guys, but a prevalent theory is pretty simple: many Chinese men want wives that are easier to control. Today’s modern Chinese woman isn’t the meek China doll-type that stereotypes would have us believe.

Today, millions of Chinese women aged 26 to 34 remain unmarried. These are those “leftover” women we all hear about. The reason they don’t get married so young is that they place emphasis and importance on education and career, something that has come to intimidate more traditional Chinese men. As a result, these women often turn to the United States and Europe for their romantic conquests.

It seems that men in Western countries don’t have a problem with independent, free-thinking single Chinese women. They welcome the idea of dating a woman who has a career and doesn’t want to just stay at home, so it makes sense that Chinese women would consider dating outside of the Chinese dating pool.

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter why so many Chinese women like to date Western guys. What matters is that they are able to connect with Western men, build a relationship, and hopefully one day enjoy a little romance – something that has been made so much easier thanks to the internet and online dating services.

When Chinese ladies choose Western names

When Chinese ladies sign up for online dating sites, particularly those sites that cater to Western guys, they often select Westernized names to make it easier. However, when choosing such names, plenty of things can get lost in translation.

Fill in the name

Young Chinese ladies have taken to choosing an array of interesting names. In fact, some of them are pretty offbeat and a little confusing for Western guys interested in dating them. Cinderella, Billboard, Lady Gaga, and Twinkle are all examples. Others have used the likes of Candy and Sapphire, which are sometimes misconstrued as names for exotic dancers.

Of course, most of these girls are not trying to give the impression that they are strippers. The whole point is to mix more easily with Westerners.

In an effort to help these women, American entrepreneur Lindsay Jernigan has launched a new website, The site is intended to help these women select a more appropriate name.

Jernigan was inspired when she was working in Shanghai and noticed that lots of her female colleagues were using inappropriate – and confusing – English names without even realizing it.

The way the site works is actually pretty cool. Users take a quiz that uses a special algorithm to generate a list of five suitable names for the woman to choose from. The quiz consists of simple questions requesting her favorite music, sport, and personal style. Women can also provide other details such as their birthday, profession, and pronunciation difficulty level.

Chinese dating history lesson: The passing of T.H. Tsien

A Chinese dating relationship can provide a lot more than companionship and romance; you might even learn a little bit about another culture. One example is T.H. Tsien, scholar of the Chinese written word.

Tsien passed away at the age of 105 on April 9. He risked his life in 1941 by smuggling thousands upon thousands of rare volumes during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. Since around that time, he became associated with the University of Chicago and was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations.


Although he was the author of scores of articles and books, many of which were published in English, Tsien is most widely known for his expertise on the history of writing in China. One of his favorite facts was that moveable type was in China centuries before Gutenberg.

Professor Tsien was born in China during the reign of its last emperor and worked in secret to protect the precious volumes, many of which dated back to the first millennium B.C. The story of his efforts is actually quite fascinating as he covertly packed 30,000 books in 102 wooden crates associated with hundreds of fake invoices.

When he was asked why he took on a secret identity to smuggle the volumes out of China during wartime, his response was always simply, “It was my duty.”

As you explore the many facets of Chinese dating, take the time to learn about the arts, culture, and history of your new potential partner, and you will find plenty of fascinating information.