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After Meeting a Woman on a Chinese Dating Service

Using a Chinese dating service to meet women can be fantastic for those who are looking to make real connections with gorgeous women and who are looking for a serious commitment. That’s one of the big differences between many women in Western cultures and their Chinese counterparts. Chinese women tend to become attached to someone very quickly, and this is something that you should expect – don’t let it frighten you; it’s just a cultural difference.


Once you start dating a woman that you’ve met through a Chinese dating service, you may find that she tends to call or text you several times a day, and she may become demanding when it comes to getting attention from you. This may be seen by some Westerners as being emotionally needy, but it’s not. It is simply a cultural difference. Many Chinese men are very attentive to their girlfriends, and the Chinese girls expect that when they are dating someone from another culture too.

While these are generalizations that will not apply to all women that you meet through an online Chinese dating site, it is something that could happen. When you are first talking with her and writing to her, you should be able to get a sense of her attitude in this regard. If you don’t reciprocate when she gives you this type of attention, she will likely see you as someone who is not sensitive, and that’s a huge turn off for many Chinese women.

To understand more about Chinese women, it’s a good idea to try to understand more about the Chinese culture, particularly when it comes to family and dating. The more information you have, the easier it becomes to know what you can expect when you are dating a woman from China. You can learn much more from China Love Date blogs. Sign up today and meet the love of your life.

Leftover Chinese Women and International Love

The concept of leftover Chinese women, dating in their late twenties who are single and generally well-educated, is something that’s relatively new in the country. In the past, women would usually get married at a young age, but things are much different in today’s world. More and more of the women are spending more time in school and getting a good education. They want to have a degree and they want to have a career. When they get past their mid-20s, it becomes more difficult for them to find a husband in China.

leftover chinese women

Of course, one of the reasons that many women in China today need to have a good education is so that they can actually find jobs that are able to support them. This is particularly true in the urban areas, which tend to be far more expensive than the rural locations around China.

It’s important to note that there is something of a double standard in China when it comes to being over 35 and still single. If it is a man who is focusing on his career, then he is called a Diamond Bachelor. When a woman is more successful, it is difficult to find a husband because Chinese tradition dictates that the man should be the more successful of the two. Those times may slowly be changing, but it is not happening fast enough for many Chinese women.

Because of this, many Chinese girls who are considered part of the leftover women are starting to look for love internationally. They find that Western men do not frown upon mature women, and they are not afraid to date women who are successful and who have a good education. The women are happy to know that they are not really leftover, that they have just as much of a possibility of finding true love as anyone else does.

What the sexual revolution has in store for Chinese ladies

Around 20 years ago, Hillary Clinton declared that “women’s rights are human rights,” and this is something that also applies to Chinese ladies.

Chinese culture is very different from that in the West. This becomes particularly obvious when a Western man begins dating a woman from China. These women can sometimes be more reserved, although a lot has changed in the two decades since Clinton made her statement.

Chinese girl

Today, Chinese women have many more freedoms than they once did, but there is still some progress to made in terms of of gender equality. Like many other nations in the East, China is in the midst of a rapid – albeit quiet – sexual revolution much like the one the United States went through years ago. For example, premarital sex was illegal prior to 1997. Most Westerners cannot even comprehend such a law.

However, it is important to understand that while some Chinese laws have been adapted to modern times, other laws and social customs are still a bit outdated. It is also important to understand that while some laws are still on the books, Chinese citizens don’t all strictly obey them, and law enforcement doesn’t really enforce them.

What does the future hold for Chinese ladies? Social customs, gender equality, and views on sex are all rapidly changing and have become quite a hot topic in Chinese public debate. Nevertheless, it is impossible to put a timetable on the progression of these social changes.

As for Western men entering into romantic relationships with Chinese women, it is a good idea to take their culture into account. Men from the West come from a very different world, and learning as much about each others cultures as possible can make easing into these differences a little easier.

Some Chinese ladies have interesting superstitions

Some Western men who date Chinese ladies might be surprised when they hear that a dinosaur exhibit in Beijing has been turned into a wishing well. When you date someone from another culture, their customs and superstitions might seem strange to you, and this is certainly one of those times.

At the Museum of Natural History in Beijing, visitors have begun tossing money at the skeleton of a dinosaur in hopes of getting good fortune and health in return.


Conservationists have criticized the museum for allowing people to put coins and bills through the gaps in the glass display case, arguing that these acts could damage the fossilized Lotosaurus adcentus. The museum doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and has not made an effort to stop the wishing well activities.

Zhou Ying, director of the museum, doesn’t see the harm in it and cannot see how the “dinosaur wishing well exhibit” could be detrimental to the fossil itself. “Believers might be tossing coins in the container for health or wealth purposes,” he explains.

Archaeologists have a much stronger opinion, and some have even denounced the museum for these practices. Many people feel the same way, claiming that this could lower the museum’s cultural level and might even diminish people’s appreciation of the exhibit.

As interesting and strange as this phenomenon may be, it is worth considering other superstitions that Chinese ladies – and men – might have. The differences between Chinese culture and Western culture are vast, so before entering into a romantic relationship, we recommend learning as much about the other’s culture and customs as possible. The dinosaur exhibits across the land thank you!