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Chinese girls at the Red Leaf Festival at Fragrant Hill

Part of the fun of dating Chinese girls online is that when the romance works, you often end up with a good reason to visit China.  If you are headed to China this October, you might want to check out the Red Leaf Festival at Fragrant Hill.

The festival is a grand celebration that takes place in Beijing from October 15th through the 31st.  Many people flock to this region during this time of year to enjoy the bright red autumnal leaves.

Red leaves

Fragrant Hill is actually one of the most famous places in China to see red leaves, and thousands of people attend the festival each year.  If you plan to attend, it might be a good idea to check it out on a weekday when the locals are working to avoid big crowds.

If you want to get a really good glimpse of the red leaves, there are a couple of good places in the park.  Tranquility Green Lake, which is about a five-minute walk from the east gate, is a lovely spot and is particularly romantic for Chinese girls.  Another good spot can be found at the Fragrant Hills Temple, which is situated on the south hill near Shuangqing Villa.

A great way to spend the day enjoying the red leaves is to get there early and enjoy other local sights and eateries nearby.  You should also keep in mind that because so many people go to Fragrant Hills to see the red leaves, public transportation is the best way to get there.

Asian dating leads to increased demand for Feng Shui?

Asian dating has become very popular in the last few years, and it might be one reason why there has been such an increased demand for Feng Shui consultants throughout the United States.

Fen Shui

A lot of wealthy Chinese investors have been buying up real estate throughout the U.S.  Although this is great for the U.S. real estate sector, there has also been a fascinating phenomenon that realtors have coined the “Feng Shui contingency.”  Apparently, before the closing, many Chinese purchasers require a visit from a Feng Shui consultant or master to approve the house as part of the general inspection and appraisal.

Despite the increased popularity of the Feng Shui trend, you might not be familiar with the term. Feng Shui is a philosophical system that harmonizes an individual with his or her surrounding environment.  It is commonly practiced in the home and office to promote the chi, or energy flow, in a more positive manner.  The Chinese take their chi quite seriously; no one wants his or her chi blocked.

If a house isn’t designed with Feng Shui in mind, the energy can become stagnant, which could lead to negative effects on your health, mental well-being, and even career.

If you’ve been Asian dating and are thinking of moving your special lady friend out to the United States from China, you might need to have the name and number of a reputable Feng Shui consultant on hand.

Chinese dating, love, and funerals

If you are new to Chinese dating, the one thing you’ve probably already picked up on is that the customs in China are a lot different from those in the West. You might expect Chinese customs for funerals to be different as well, but did you know that they are actually a lot like Chinese weddings?

Chinese wedding

Let’s start with the phrase “hongbai xishi,” which means “red-white happy events.”  In China, red is the symbolic color for weddings and white represents funerals.  Lots of companies even market themselves as hongbai xishi experts, which means you could find your wedding and funeral planner all in the same person!

Although both events might involve some celebration, how else are Chinese weddings and funerals similar?  Here’s a look at a few:

  • Lots of food. Weddings and funerals always involve lots of food, but in China, this goes beyond what you might expect.  In China, there seems to be banquet after banquet set up much like a wedding reception, right down to the tables and flowing alcohol.
  • Money.  Money plays a big role in Chinese weddings and funerals.  At weddings, couples are typically presented with that iconic red envelope stuffed with money.  However, the same goes for Chinese funerals.  Guests typically present the bereaved family with the same.
  • Processionals.  At weddings, the bride is lifted and her dowry items follow with jubilance. At funerals, it isn’t quite the same, but there is an ornate procession to the tomb filled with colorful clothing and traditional white caps of mourning.  There is also somber music for the funeral procession.
  • Firecrackers.  The Chinese like to send newlyweds and the recently deceased off with a bang!  Firecrackers are used at both weddings and funerals.  They can be used as an explosive good-bye and to wish people well on their next journey.

If your Chinese dating grows into something more serious, you will undoubtedly attend both Chinese weddings and funerals, so don’t be shocked at the similarities.

Asian singles find love matches for their dogs

Love is in the air for Asian singles and their dogs… Who doesn’t want their four-legged friend to find true love just like Lady and the Tramp did?

Dogs in a car

Believe it or not, one of the most popular dating shows in China and among many Asian singles is a dating show for dogs on the Chinese television network Jiang Su TV. The show is pretty straightforward; some dogs are thrown together and romance ensues with the help of a matchmaker.

In each episode, the program welcomes eight dog owners and their corresponding pups. The idea is sort of like the Westminster Kennel Dog Show meets The Dating Game; each canine contestant showcases his or her special tricks and good looks in hopes of attracting dogs of the opposite sex.

The show features a judge and some special guests that help move the matchmaking along. The show is actually a spinoff of a very similar dating game show that is intended for humans. The show was so popular among viewers in China that a canine version was developed to capitalize on its success.

When you meet that special someone online and the topic of television and entertainment comes up, why not ask if she likes this show?  It is a great conversation starter even if neither of you have ever seen the show. Perhaps your dog and her dog could even be contestants!