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Tips for dating widowed Chinese girls

Although it might not have occurred to you as you set up your online dating profile, some of the Chinese girls you encounter might be widows.  This means that the lucky lady to catch your eye might actually have been married before and then, sadly, lost her husband.

Online dating

Don’t fret; it is perfectly alright to date a widow!  If you’ve met a potential mate who also happens to be a widow, don’t run the other way.  You can work through it together.  If you’re interested in dating Chinese girls but are concerned when you find out that you might be seeing a widow, here are some things to think about:

Although these points are not intended to dissuade you from dating a widow, they are all things you should keep in mind.  If you really like her, you should be as supportive as possible.

  • How long ago did he pass?  You don’t have to pry, but it is helpful to find out how recent her husband’s death was.  If she just lost her spouse, she might not be ready for something serious and might prefer simple companionship instead.
  • Did they have any kids?  Losing a spouse is hard enough. Losing a spouse and becoming a single parent can be downright terrifying.  Children of any age might not immediately take to the notion of Mom or Dad dating someone new, especially if it is soon after the death.  Be patient with them.
  • She might cry at anytime.  Losing a loved one is never easy, especially your partner.  She might still cry at the drop of a hat, and you should understand that this likely has nothing to do with you.  Remember that she’s starting over, so you might have to take it slow.

Although these points are not intended to dissuade you from dating a widow, they are all things you should keep in mind.  If you really like her, you should be as supportive as possible.

Saying “I love you” and Asian singles

You signed up online to meet and date Asian singles, and now you’ve finally met that special someone.  You think you’re in love!  Now all you need to do is tell her about your feelings.


Saying “I love you” can be scary, exciting, and life changing, especially when that person loves you back.  Saying these three little words to Asian singles isn’t much different from saying them to anyone else.  How should you take the plunge?

There are a number of ways you can do this, but you might not want to just blurt it out.  Here are some fun ideas you might consider:

  • Be funny.  You fell in love with her because she’s funny and charming, right?  Why not add a little humor to your special message?  For example, make a fun analogy showing how much you care.  Can’t live without sugar in your tea?  Let her know that’s how you also feel about her!
  • Put it in writing.  No, we don’t mean a contract!  Spell it out in rose petals on the living room floor or sketch the words in the sand.  A love message delivered in this way is particularly romantic and memorable.
  • Flash mob, anyone?  If you’re into the latest trends, try a flash mob in a very public place.  However, this might take a lot more planning and cause a lot more embarrassment than you anticipate.
  • Fine art.  Do you have a creative side?  Incorporate your love into your art.  Put it into a painting or photograph.  For a fun twist, do a play on words using images to tell her exactly how you feel.

Just remember, when you first tell her you love her, you’re going to be nervous.  This is normal.  It might help to keep in mind that she’s probably just as nervous as you are.

Asian dating: “I’ll call you”

In Asian dating or any other kind of dating, hearing the words “I’ll call you” can lead to a strange sensation in the pit of your stomach.  In fact, there might never be another phrase on earth that is more simultaneously dreaded and yearned for.

Phone With Red Heart

What is it about this little phrase that inspires such mixed feelings in so many people?  If a woman wants to go out on a date or see a particular suitor again, these three little words evoke feelings of hope, wonder, and possibility.  On the other hand, these same women might also be experiencing dread, fear, and self-doubt.  Why?

There’s no surefire way of knowing if he really means that he will call. Is he just saying that he wants to see you again?  Often, love hopefuls will wait by the phone or check their cell phone relentlessly in the days following the date.  In Asian dating, the suspense can be even more intense when it involves suitors a world away.

What should you do when someone utters these words to you?

The first thing you should do is to take it easy.  Often, women think that the guy just isn’t into them if he hasn’t called within the first 24 hours.  In the same case, the guy might just be waiting for the right time to call.  We think that if the follow-up call hasn’t been made within a week, it is time to let it go and move on.  Remember, if someone really wants to see you again, they’ll make it happen.  Don’t pine away with the “what ifs.”

Visiting China to meet Asian women? Tips for leaving

If you’re talking to a few Asian women living in China that you’d like to meet, there are some things you need to know about leaving the country.  You are probably already aware that you need a passport and a visa to get into China, but did you know that there are also rules about leaving?

Plane flying to China

When it comes to leaving China, you must have a valid visa and passport, just like you needed upon arrival.  If your visa expired or you lost your passport while visiting China, you won’t be permitted to leave.  Depending on where you are in the country, it could take up to a week to get the visa replaced, so be sure to pay attention to the dates on your visa.

If you happen to lose your passport, you will need to replace not only the passport but also your visa.  The first step is always to report your passport as lost or stolen to Chinese authorities and then follow the steps for getting a replacement.  Remember to do this in the city in which you lost the passport or you might run into complications. Depending on where you are, you will either need to visit the local police department or the Entry/Exit Bureau.

You might already know that if you are visiting China, you are required to register your place of residence for the visit with the local authorities unless you’re staying at a hotel, in which case the staff will do this for you.  If you happen to only be passing through China in your travels to meet Asian women, you don’t need to register or get a longer visa as you will be there for less than 24 hours and stay within the airport.