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Using an Asian singles site? Avoid international dating scams

Using an Asian singles dating site can be a great way to meet new people and maybe even find the love of your life.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where internet fraud is prevalent.  That’s why you need to be vigilant when dating online.

Online Dating

As long as you pay attention, it is easy to avoid falling prey to an international dating scam when using a website to meet Asian singles.  In most cases, the people you are interacting with are going to be genuine and are participating in the online experience to meet someone like you.

Just to be on the safe side, here are some things to watch out for.

  • Hungry for money.  You’ve been communicating with the most beautiful woman you’ve ever laid eyes on and have been exchanging messages fairly consistently.  Suddenly, she’s spinning a story of hardship – a local disaster or an illness in her family.  You want to be the guy that helps her out.  Unfortunately, this is a pretty common online dating scam, so be wary of anyone who asks for – or leads you to offer – considerable amounts of money.
  • Identity theft.  You probably already know about the many different phishing scams that are out there – official-looking messages that trick people into revealing sensitive financial and personal information.  When dating online, do not reveal any personal details that could be used to drain your bank account.  Always be on the lookout for phishing attempts, which can come via chat, email, or even web conferencing!
  • Model shots.  Some people do upload professional photos to their online dating profile, but that isn’t the norm.  If you notice a particularly beautiful picture – something that seems like a pro shot it – there is a chance that it is a stock photo from a modeling agency.  Sometimes, con artists pretend to be someone they are not to extort money from their victims.

The good news is that the majority of online dating interactions are not a scam; people really have found true love via the internet!  If you think you want that chance, just keep these basic “red flags” in mind and get started today!

Dating Asian women at the Hungry Ghost Festival

If you are interested in dating Asian women, it is a good idea to learn as much about their culture as possible.  This shows that you are interested in their heritage and want to learn more about them.  Part of this process might actually involve a trip to China.


If you are planning to travel to China in August, you might be interested in attending the Hungry Ghost Festival, which is scheduled to commence on August 10th.  This festival is an age-old custom that pays tribute to dead people and their ghosts and is the most important celebration to take place during Hungry Ghost month.

Every year, on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month – usually July or August – people throughout China celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival.  The primary focus is to celebrate and worship ancestors.  Asian women and men perform special ceremonies such as burning incense, placing the family’s ancestral tablets on a table, and preparing special meals all to avoid the wrath of hungry ghosts.  Food is left for the ghosts, who might be hungry after wandering the land since the beginning of the month.

Although it is always nice to honor the dead, the Hungry Ghost Festival has a pretty horrifying background and happened to be the scariest month of the year for thousands of years.  Legend says that the ghosts of Chinese ancestors are let out of Hell for the month and they are in search of weird entertainment.  Many Chinese avoid going swimming or being outside alone at night in fear of enemy ghosts.

The art of Chinese etiquette and dating Asian women

If you want to make a good impression on Asian women you can’t just rely on your native good manners.  The rules of polite behavior in Chinese society can be very different.  What’s more, if you date Asian women with a view to marriage, you will also need to impress their parents, so understanding etiquette is doubly important.

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Getting to know people

One of the reasons that, for Asian women, online dating holds so much appeal, is that it is generally considered impolite to introduce yourself to somebody directly.  In person, a mutual acquaintance will usually do this for you.  Online, if you take an interest in one of the beautiful women on our site, you can send a message through us so that, effectively, we can make the introduction.  If you travel to China to meet a woman you have fallen for, one of our staff members will accompany you to introduce you in person.

There is a formal, traditional order for group introductions that takes account of social status, seniority and gender.  This means introductions can sometimes take a while.  It’s important to be patient during this process and wait for your turn.

Managing emotions

There is a stereotype in the West that paints Chinese people as distant and mysterious.  This stems largely from a social code that says it’s polite to avoid displaying emotion in public.  Most importantly, if you want to be respected, you must never lose your temper.  If you find yourself disagreeing with someone, ask that person to help you understand.  Never directly accuse someone of making a mistake or being wrong.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, smiling can almost always get you out of it.  If you date with Asian women online you may find that sometimes they start arguments to see how far they can push you.  This is generally intended as playful behavior and it’s often accompanied by smiley face icons or smiling photographs that should make it clear what’s really going on.  Flattering a woman at this time can really make her like you.

Giving gifts

The concept of reciprocity is really important in Chinese etiquette.  Although it doesn’t apply when you are courting – you should flatter Asian women by paying for everything when you go out together and sending gifts and flowers when apart.  If you meet your Chinese sweetheart’s parents you will be expected to buy them gifts.  French red wine is particularly popular with men, while women love handcrafted items like scarves or jewelry.  You can also expect to receive gifts from them, and it’s important to respond graciously as if these have precisely equal value to you, no matter what they are.

Polite behavior for couples

No matter how emotional you may feel when you meet with Asian women you have been dating online for the first time, it’s important to show polite restraint.  Chinese couples do not kiss in public.  If things go well, she may be willing to hold your hand.  If she kisses you discreetly after your first date, you will know that things are going very well indeed.

Dating tips for newly divorced Asian singles

Let’s face it: the end of a romantic relationship can be scary and confusing. This is why online dating can be a great transition into the world of dating for newly divorced Asian singles.


For many people, one of the scariest aspects of getting a divorce is the prospect of dating again.  The exclusive commitments, the promises, and the emotional ties to that one person are no longer there.  Is it liberating?  Is it confusing?  Is it exciting?  The answer to all three questions is yes.

How do you know when it’s time to start dating after the end of a relationship?  Here are some tips to see if you’re ready to meet some Asian singles yet:

  • Have you grieved enough yet?  This is an important question.  Where there is an attachment and a loss, there will be grief.  You need to grieve in order to heal from the end of the marriage.  For some, the grieving process takes a while.  Process your grief, sadness, rage, and anger so that you can move on to bigger and better things.
  • Do you know who you are without your spouse?  Many times, spouses seem to lose themselves in their partners.  After a marriage, it might be hard to recognize who you are.  Get to know yourself before getting back into the dating game.
  • Do you know how to be in a relationship?  This may seem like a silly question, but it is a valid one.  Remember, in order to have a healthy and enduring romance, it takes three:  you, me, and we.  All aspects should be nurtured in order to have a successful relationship.

If you’ve just recently been divorced, take your time when it comes to dating.  There are no rules saying that you must be in a relationship, and bear this in mind if you meet someone online who has also just been divorced.  Take it slow!