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Asian dating? Falling in love changes your brain

Are you involved in an Asian dating romance? Have you fallen in love? If so, the very act of falling in love might have actually done something to your brain.

Heart and brain on a balance scale. Digital illustration.

Although it has been long suspected, falling in love actually changes your brain. This goes well beyond wanting to sing silly love songs, ignoring your friends, and staying up all night waiting for her to hang up first; scientists now have proof that physical changes take place in your brain.

According to a recent Chinese study, when you fall in love, around 12 areas of your brain are involved. This means that fluttery feeling when you first fell into that Asian dating relationship is definitely in your head!

In the study, researchers performed MRIs on 100 students. A third of the group had never been in love before, another third had just broken up with someone, and the final third was in a current romantic relationship. The results were staggering.

According to the MRI results, the blood flow in and around the brain definitely changes when you are infatuated with someone.

What does all of this really mean? This could be the dawn of a new era where we understand the science of love and maybe even how to get over it or fall in love with certain people.

One thing is for certain: according to science, love isn’t just in your heart – it’s also in your head.

Post-90s generation fuels blind Chinese dating

In recent years, blind Chinese dating has become quite a phenomenon. Why is this the case?

According to a survey conducted by Chinanews Life Channel, a driving force behind all this blind dating is the post-90s generation. This spot used to be held by the post-80s generation, but those individuals have been less involved lately, perhaps due to age or possibly even settling down and getting married.

Blind date

The surge in blind Chinese dating by the post-90s generation might actually be due to their age.

In China, the first marriage of men at age 25 or older (age 23 or older for women) is considered to be a “late’” marriage. If you do the math, you’ll see that those born in 1990 will be turning 25 very soon, which means that they will be considered “late” if they are not already married.

Therefore, the blind dating rush is inspired by the Chinese culture, and parents also play a role. Some university graduates who return home might come back to a bedroom furnished with a double bed instead of the twin bed they left behind. Subtle hints and actions can speak very loudly.

When it comes to blind dating, many modern Chinese singles prefer traditional blind dating rather than blind dating services or marriage agencies, which have become popular in recent years. However, when it comes to seeking out love, online dating services still prove very popular.

Belong to Chinese dating site? Understand Chinese sexuality

One of the things you may pick up on when you join a Chinese dating site is that women’s sexuality in the East is a lot different than those in the West.  For Western men, this can be confusing and sometimes even frustrating.

Guy giving piggyback ride on hill under heart cloud

The thing to remember is, Chinese women do not lack sexual awareness (completely) and there is nothing strange about them.  Their culture is just different and there traditionally hasn’t been a lot of sexual education in China.  Needless to say, many Chinese women (and men) just haven’t been aware of all the romantic nuances that could go on in the bedroom.  This doesn’t make them prudish, just uneducated.

To put it into perspective, think of many Chinese women as being from the 1950s.  For example, some Chinese students may consider the word ‘flirting’ as a naughty one!  But, things are definitely changing in China, especially in the larger cities.  This is particularly evident in the way some women are dressing – shorter skirts, high heels, and make-up.  However, as provocative as it may look, many are just going with the fashion flow and are still quite innocent.  In other words, these are no ‘Dragon Ladies!’

So, if you’ve decided to join a Chinese dating site in the hopes of simply ‘hooking up’ it may not be the best solution for you.  Many women that join such sites are looking for love and romance, and maintain their traditionally innocent values.  If you are also looking for love and romance, sign up now – if you haven’t already!

Asian dating during the Chinese New Year

If you’re into Asian dating, you might also be celebrating the Chinese New Year. In an effort to make the most of this festive time, a number of restaurants are offering special menus and events throughout the United States.

Homemade Asian Vegeterian Potstickers

If you are going to be in the Beverly Hills area and doing a little Asian dating, why not stop by Hakkasan Beverly Hills? The restaurant will be offering special delicacies and a wishing tree in honor of the Chinese New Year through Sunday, March 1st.

As you might already know, the Chinese New Year is a time of feasting and fun. The dishes prepared for this event are meant to bring good luck and good fortune for the coming year. Inspired by the Chinese New Year, Hakkasan Beverly Hills is offering a special eight-course menu that includes the likes of Sha cha mock duck with cloud ear, bamboo shoot, and celery as well as abalone and dry scallop fried rice. The kumquat wishing tree is a great way to leave your hopes and dreams to come true.

Hakkasan Beverly Hills isn’t the only place in the L.A. area that is offering a special Chinese New Year menu. Shanghai Rose in Studio City and Patina at Walt Disney Concert Hall will also be celebrating, although the foods they offer will be unique to their establishments.

Wherever you choose to go, have a Happy Chinese New Year!