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Asian dating: moving from the East to the West

Often, in Asian dating relationships, couples fall in love and live happily ever after – but where do they end up living? In order to be together, one must relocate overseas. It is common for a couple to start their lives together in China and then move to the U.S. afterward.

east or west, opposite signs

So, what happens when a couple moves from the East to the West like that? Is there culture shock? The answer is yes: for both parties! Here’s a look at some challenges the couple might experience:

  • A general disinterest in the lives you lived in China. Living abroad is usually only exciting for the person doing it. Aside from very close friends and relatives, most people in the U.S. won’t care as much as you think. It is often the opposite in China – most people are intrigued with life in the U.S.
  • People may judge your spouse based on her accent. Unfortunately, not everyone is as open-minded as they like to think. Many people are extremely judgmental against anyone that speaks English with an accent. On the other hand, there are many people who love those with accents and gravitate toward them!
  • Discrimination. You probably experienced your share of discrimination in China as an American, so don’t expect it to be different when your Chinese spouse arrives in the U.S. As far as the world has come, this still happens at times. Just be as prepared as possible.
  • You’re going to miss REAL Chinese food. American Chinese food just isn’t the same! The odds of you finding take-out that really satiates your hunger in this department, you’re probably going to need to learn how to cook authentic Chinese food and frequent the Asian markets whenever possible!
  • Driving. Driving in the U.S. is not like driving in China! In fact, lots of people in China just don’t drive, so you’re going to have to give lessons – or get professional help for your spouse!

The bottom line? Don’t let these challenges deter you from Asian dating, falling in love, or moving to or from China! Challenges come with every new chapter in life; you’ve just got to be prepared!


Asian dating etiquette tips for the first date

Most Western men need a few Asian dating tips, especially if they’ve never dated a person for Chinese dating to meet chinese women in the past. In an effort to make your first date go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Love Dating Represents Compassionate Adoration And Fondness


  • Be sure to name a specific time and place for the first date.
  • Pay attention to the little things such as what she is wearing, her jewelry and her hair.
  • Find out what she likes to eat so you can choose a restaurant she will like.
  • Act like a gentleman by opening doors, pulling out chairs, and walking her to her door.
  • Bring a small gift as a token of your affection such as a box of chocolates, flowers or a book.



  • Avoid talking about your past relationships. Focus on the future instead. If you want to discuss past romances, wait until the relationship has blossomed a little more.
  • Do not bring up boring or dull topics. Instead, pay attention to her interests and ask questions. Make a point of learning about each other on the first date.
  • Resist the temptation to list all the things you know about Chinese culture; this will seem silly and perhaps even a little offensive.

Guys who are into Asian dating should relax in the knowledge that the first date is pretty much like any other date that you’ve ever gone on. Follow the suggestions above and there is a good chance you will both have a great time!

Asian dating on Halloween

This week, we’ll be celebrating Halloween in the United States, which is a time best known for trick-or-treating, costumes, and lots of parties.  If you are part of an Asian dating relationship, is there anything special you need to know?  Do they celebrate Halloween in China?

The Chinese don’t celebrate Halloween quite like Westerners do, but they do have a similar celebration called the Hungry Ghost Festival.

In order to better understand the differences, we should keep in mind that Halloween is based on “the day of the dead”.  This is a day on which ghosts can cross the boundary between the living and the dead.  The Chinese have a similar belief.


On the days of the Ghost Month, which is usually in August, it is said that the ghosts are very active among the living, particularly on the night of the full moon.  On this night in particular, the living must take special precautions to honor the dead in order to avoid attacks or pranks from them.  There are a number of special ceremonies, performances, and offerings left for the ghosts to show that the living still honor them.  When the ghosts are pleased, they will help and protect the living.  When they are not happy, they can wreak havoc!

In the past, this festival was quite serious, but it has become more light-hearted in modern times.  However, Halloween celebrations in the West are much more easygoing and fun than those in the East, where there is still a sense of solemnity.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is an interesting experience, especially for foreigners who have never participated in this tradition.  If Asian dating brings you to China during these festivities, you might want to ask your date to accompany you.

Many Chinese girls like comfort food (especially KFC)

The idea of indulging in comfort food after a breakup isn’t exclusive to women in the West; Chinese girls often go through the same thing. Just ask Tan Shen, a 26-year-old newly single lady from Chengdu, China.

Fast food restaurants in Shanghai, China

After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Shen had a craving for some comfort food – chicken wings specifically – so she headed over to the nearest KFC, where she wound up nursing her broken heart for an entire week. Although she didn’t plan to stay at the fast-food restaurant for so long, she felt that she couldn’t go back to her apartment, which was filled with memories of her relationship.

We’ve heard of taking some time to think after the end of a romance, but a week in KFC is an unusual measure. Hopefully a week of chicken did the trick. She ended up leaving after the local media showed up.

Although the story of Tan Shen might seem heartbreaking, it just goes to show that Chinese girls, despite their air of mystery and appeal, are just like anyone else; they can be shattered by a breakup.

Take some time to think about why you’ve joined an online dating site. Have you just gotten over a relationship and are looking for a new love? If so, keep in mind that the ladies you’re interested in might be seeking the very same thing!