Some basic tea tips for Chinese dating

If you are interested in Chinese dating, you will probably find it beneficial to learn about the different aspects of the culture.  This can include observing dating customs, exploring Chinese cities, learning the country’s history, and even finding out about its food.


Tea has become an integral part of Chinese culture.  In fact, it is such a big part of the country’s culture that when many people think of something iconic about China, they often think of tea – and of course, the Great Wall!

What is it about tea that is so great? You might want to ask your new ladylove, but having a little background of your own will help the conversation along.  Drinking tea has a number of benefits such as refreshing the mind, weight loss, and clearing heat from the body.

Here are some more tips you might find useful:

  • Drink tea hot.  Iced tea might be refreshing on a hot day, but in China, tea is primarily consumed while hot.  Cooling tea also diminishes its nutritional value.
  • Avoid drinking too much strong tea.  Consuming too much strong tea can upset your stomach and lead to insomnia.
  • Drink tea between meals.  Drinking tea too close to a meal may actually fill you up before you eat or cause indigestion right after.
  • Be careful with medication.  Due to the high amount of tannin in tea, be careful when you are taking medication as it might interact and cause the medication to be less effective.

Although these tips are not specific to China, knowing a little more about tea is helpful, especially if you are interested in Chinese dating.  Now you can go ahead and wow that lucky lady with your strong knowledge base on how and when to drink tea!

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