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What the sexual revolution has in store for Chinese ladies

Around 20 years ago, Hillary Clinton declared that “women’s rights are human rights,” and this is something that also applies to Chinese ladies.

Chinese culture is very different from that in the West. This becomes particularly obvious when a Western man begins dating a woman from China. These women can sometimes be more reserved, although a lot has changed in the two decades since Clinton made her statement.

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Today, Chinese women have many more freedoms than they once did, but there is still some progress to made in terms of of gender equality. Like many other nations in the East, China is in the midst of a rapid – albeit quiet – sexual revolution much like the one the United States went through years ago. For example, premarital sex was illegal prior to 1997. Most Westerners cannot even comprehend such a law.

However, it is important to understand that while some Chinese laws have been adapted to modern times, other laws and social customs are still a bit outdated. It is also important to understand that while some laws are still on the books, Chinese citizens don’t all strictly obey them, and law enforcement doesn’t really enforce them.

What does the future hold for Chinese ladies? Social customs, gender equality, and views on sex are all rapidly changing and have become quite a hot topic in Chinese public debate. Nevertheless, it is impossible to put a timetable on the progression of these social changes.

As for Western men entering into romantic relationships with Chinese women, it is a good idea to take their culture into account. Men from the West come from a very different world, and learning as much about each others cultures as possible can make easing into these differences a little easier.

Why Asian singles might not love Gwen Stefani

The Asian singles you’re dating might really love American pop culture, fashion and music, so you should be up-to-date on all the latest trends for conversation purposes and potential gift giving.

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As someone who keeps up with American pop culture, you will be familiar with Gwen Stefani, but as popular as she might be in the U.S., she does not sit well with many of the ladies in Asian countries.

This week, the pop star, fashionista and designer released her comeback song, “Baby Don’t Lie”, and the song is getting great reviews; however, it was ten years ago that Stefani, the former front woman for No Doubt, released her first solo record Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Since then, she’s also put out a line of children’s clothing for Target called Harajuku Mini and has her own fragrance line known as Harajuku Lovers. However, it was the album in particular that made lots of Asian singles a little upset.

Think back to the Harajuku girls that were prominently featured in the album art, music videos, performances and the singer’s entourage during that period. Many Asian females saw this as a racist and offensive portrayal.

Some people think that Stefani paved the way for a whole new era of objectifying Asian women and subjugating them as “the Other”, but she claims that she really loves the culture.

Needless to say, this could lead to some very heated yet very interesting conversations with any Asian woman you might be dating.