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What Chinese dating sites don’t discuss: the male-female surplus

Most Chinese dating sites are all about love and romance, but they often fail to mention the male-to-female trends that are taking root in China.

One child policy in china

It is no secret that China has practiced its infamous one-child policy, which was intended as a form of population control, for the past 30 years. This has led to a high number of sex selection abortions, with male babies being preferred over female ones. Therefore, there is a significant surplus of young men in China in comparison to young women.

Over time, this imbalance will become completely unsustainable, which might be why the Chinese government has begun easing the restrictions of the one-child policy.

This imbalance has led Chinese women to become quite selective when it comes to choosing a mate. Many of them have joined Chinese dating sites to broaden their prospects even further. In many cases, Chinese women are seeking romantic relationships with Western men.

The same can be said for Chinese men, but there is a double standard. Because Chinese women have become so choosy, men are also joining online dating sites and seeking to date women from the West. However, this can be tricky for some Chinese men, as many Western women aren’t as interested in dating someone from China as their male counterparts are.

Chinese dating sites to increase Western women marrying Chinese men?

When it comes to Chinese dating sites, it appears that the majority of users are Western men and Chinese women. It is very common to see a Western man married to a Chinese woman, but what about the other way around?


Why is it that very few Western women appear to be interested in marrying Chinese men? It’s a valid question given that there are so many available Chinese men on the market, and it’s not something that very many Chinese dating sites discuss.

In order to shed a little light on the subject, we’ve put together some possible answers to this pressing question:

  • Many Chinese men are shy. Lots of Chinese men are actually shy and do not feel comfortable pursuing women. Many Western women enjoy this “chase”, and so the vicious cycle begins.
  • Some Chinese boys are quite spoiled.  China’s one-child policy has resulted in an entire nation consisting of children who do not have siblings. Western women are usually independent and aren’t interested in spoiled guys.
  • Tradition. China has a culture rich in tradition, and dating outside of their culture breaks that tradition. Many men are even more traditional than women in China.
  • The language barrier. Unfortunately, unless he has grown up in a major city, chances are high that a Chinese man won’t speak English very well. This is an obvious roadblock to dating a Western woman.

There are probably even more reasons that Western women don’t often marry Chinese men, but this type of union is not completely unheard of. There are plenty of cases in which marriages between Western women and Chinese men are successful and happy.

Finding single Asian women is difficult for China’s “surplus men”

According to experts, there will be about 24 million more men than women in China in the next few years, which means that the majority of Asian women are already taken.  What does this mean for these “surplus men”?

China 'suplus men'

Since so many Asian women are already romantically linked to other men, China’s male surplus are having a hard time finding partners.  In fact, there are so many available men to choose from that the ladies in China are starting to get quite picky.  Many women are starting to set their standards so high that most regular Chinese guys simply are not making the grade.  This is making it difficult for the locals.

Why has this surplus of men come about in the first place?  Lots of experts blame the country’s One Child Policy, which was introduced in 1979 by the leader at the time, Deng Xiaoping.

The policy was originally intended to slow down China’s population increase.  In the 1980s, couples started using ultrasounds to determine the gender of their unborn baby.  Many couples chose to terminate female pregnancies in favor of male offspring.  This practice lasted until 1994.

As a result of this trend, there are about 66 million fewer women in China than there should be.  So what’s a lonely guy to do?  Lots of Chinese guys are now turning to online dating to find love across the globe.  Many Asian women have made online dating profiles, and now men are starting to follow suit.