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Understanding Chinese Cultures

Chinese dating in England? Check out the BP exhibition

Chinese dating doesn’t necessarily require a trip to China to get closer to the country’s culture and history. If you happen to be in England in the near future, be sure to check out the BP exhibition “Ming: 50 years that changed China” at the British Museum.

The British Museum, London

If you want to gain a greater appreciation for China’s culture without making the long trek across the globe, this exhibit might help you achieve that goal. The museum offers a number of beautiful objects from China from the Ming dynasty, which lasted from 1400 to 1450. It was during this time that Beijing was established as the country’s capital and the iconic Forbidden City was built.

During the Ming dynasty, China was a global superpower as well as a cultural powerhouse. This period is responsible for much of the Chinese traditions and cultural values its inhabitants observe today, and these become obvious when you’re involved in Chinese dating. A romance between a Western man and a Chinese woman can be enriching and culturally expansive, and it is an experience that many people treasure regardless of how the relationship turns out.

Thanks to new excavations that took place during the last decade, this exhibit features a number of treasures that have not been seen before in the UK, ranging from gold and jewelry to furniture and textiles to paintings and sculptures. The exhibit will run until January 5, 2015, and it is free to the public.

Do you know who the Chinese dating gods are?

So you’re into Chinese dating, but do you know anything about the deities that represent love and lust in Chinese mythology?

Chinese gods

Yue Lao

You’ve heard of the Man in the Moon, but have you heard of the Man under the Moon? Meet Yue Lao, a popular Chinese deity. He is the overseer of heterosexual marriage and is often connected to the red thread of destiny. He is known for binding two people’s hearts together in love and marriage. The most well known story involving this god might be that of Wei Gu, who wanted to know who was destined to become his wife. When Yue Lao showed him the vision of an old woman and young child living in poverty, Wei Gu ordered that they be killed. The child was injured but managed to escape, and she ended up becoming Wei Gu’s wife years later.

Tu Er Shen

Tu Er Shen is a relatively minor figure in Chinese mythology, probably because he represents homosexual love and marriage. As a mortal, he was known as Hu Tianbao and was considered a “peeping tom” and subsequently beaten to death. However, the gods were impressed by his unrequited love and restored him to life as a deity instead of a mere mortal. In many cases, Tu Er Shen is depicted as a rabbit. It is worth mentioning, however, that despite Tu Er Shen being worshipped, homosexual activity is a criminal offense in China.

Of course, there are more deities that oversee Chinese dating, including Chuang-Mu, who is the goddess of the bedroom and sexual delights. There is also Fu-Hsi, who is the god of happiness and oversees love, destiny and success.

Talking traditional sports with Asian women

The first thing you should know about Asian women is that not all of them are delicate little China dolls. In fact, many of them love sports, especially traditional Chinese sports. If you like to talk sports with your girlfriend, it might help to learn a little bit about Chinese athletics.

sport icons in circle

China has a long, rich history, so it makes sense that the country would have its own unique and traditional sports. Remember that China is a vast country, so many traditional sports are regional.

Nearly every traditional Chinese sport has its basis in productive activities like shooting and horseback riding. However, dancing, singing and instrumental performances are incorporated into the sports, thus giving them an artistic feel. Maybe that’s why Asian women tend to be big fans of their native sports.

Here is a list of some traditional Chinese sports you might want to check out:

  • Firework Catching.
  • Tug-of-War.
  • Bamboo Pole Dance.
  • Lion Dance.
  • Horse Racing.
  • Top-Spinning.
  • Martial Arts.
  • Dragon Boat Racing.

There are many festivals throughout the year in China, and sports, like many other cultural practices, that are often at the center of the festivities.

If you think your Asian girlfriend might be interested in sports, just ask her about it. You might be interested to hear what she has to say. Perhaps she can introduce you to a whole new world of athletics, and you could do the same for her!

Asian vs. Oriental: Chinese girls want guys to know the difference

Did you know that there is a difference between “Asian” and “oriental” when it comes to describing Chinese girls?

Oriental building

For centuries, Europeans have used the word “oriental” when referring to anything or anyone from the lands to the east of Europe, primarily Southeast Asia. In recent times, however, the term “oriental” has become quite controversial. Today, it has become more politically correct to refer to people from this region as “Asian”, while “oriental” has become almost derogatory.

Let’s take a closer look…

If you consider etymology, the word “orient” means “to the east” or “the land of the rising sun.” It has a mysterious air to it. As the usage of the word progressed and time went on, it became a loaded word with many bad connotations and is now considered very Eurocentric. However, just because someone wants to be politically correct doesn’t mean they can’t use the word “oriental” as long as they use the term carefully.

A good rule of thumb is to refer to people from the area as Asian and things like rugs and carpets as oriental. Keeping this in mind could prevent you from possibly offending someone.

This little tidbit of knowledge should help your encounters with Chinese girls be a little more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the correct nomenclature, so you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying the experience. Online dating, after all, is nerve-wracking enough as it is!