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Chinese dating tips to meet chinese women.

Avoid the Common Mistakes Made When Using an Online Chinese Dating Site

If you are considering using an online Chinese dating site, then you need to make sure you don’t fall victim to the mistakes that so many other men seem to make continuously. When starting out on your international dating journey, it can be tricky to understand the unique challenges of this situation. Of course, to avoid those mishaps, you have to know what they are in the first place. Here are three of the biggest issues plaguing people just like you.

 An Incomplete Profile

 First, you need to make sure that you fill out your profile completely, including adding photos. The photos that you add should be representative of who you are now and not who you were fifteen years ago. You expect real photos and so does she. Consider having a friend help you take full-length, quality photos in an attractive setting, such as at a park or in front of a landmark in your city.

Complete every section of your profile and add as much information as you can. This will make it easier for you to find women who are actually compatible with you. Some examples of helpful information to put in your profile include your hobbies and interests, what you do for a career, and perhaps information about your religious faith if you have one.

Forgetting to Respond

 Everyone gets busy and tends to forget things. However, one of the things that you should not forget is to respond to the women you meet through the online Chinese dating site. If you start talking with a woman and texting her, you have to keep it up if you are still interested. If you don’t, she’ll think that you have forgotten her or that other parts of your life are more important. Always take the time to respond.

 On the flip side, you don’t want to come across as too aggressive – wait for your Chinese dating site match to respond rather than sending repeated messages. Sometimes balancing real life and online communications can take a little time!

Disingenuous Answers

 Here’s a huge problem – lying on the profile and while texting or emailing, or even talking on the phone. When you lie, the truth will eventually come out. When it does, you can say goodbye to her. No one likes a liar. Just be yourself – your match will be much happier to get to know the real you than to be presented with a false impression, only to be disappointed later on.

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Being Disrespectful of Chinese Culture

It’s important to keep in mind that most Oriental women prefer a more courtship-like approach to dating, rather than the somewhat bold and forward nature to which Westerners are accustomed. In order to make a good impression you’ll want to maintain a gentlemanly demeanor right from the start, avoiding suggestive or lewd talk in your emails and phone conversations. Show interest, but don’t be explicit.

Dressing Inappropriately

Beautiful Chinese women like to see a man wearing crisp, neat, well-fitting clothing. Avoid trendy Western fads such as baggy jeans, and make sure everything is clean and pressed – or better yet, brand new. You want to be true to your own style, yet you also want to make sure to show your date that you’re making an effort to impress her and make her feel comfortable.

Now that you know what these problems are, it should be relatively easy to avoid them. If you do, you’ll find that your success using an online Chinese dating site will be much higher.

How do you know if a Chinese girl loves you?

Chinese girls are the most sought after girls in the world, when it comes to choosing a Chinese girl for a marriage. Before you start dating, you need to understand that the dynamics and etiquette are completely different to the western way. You are entering a cultural minefield, with a completely different set of customs and traditions. A Chinese girl will never make the first move. She will never be the first one to express her feelings or love. There are many signs which you might take to mean that the girl has genuine feelings, but are actually a cultural mannerisms instilled in them during their upbringing. Essentially, Chinese women are taught to conduct themselves in a specific manner in order to find a good life partner. If you are fortunate enough to get the attention of a Chinese girl, the following are some signals that a girl is interested in you.

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1.  She has concern for you: – Chinese culture expects the wife to take care of their husband’s health and well-being. So if a girl is concerned about your health, you may think that a girl asking you if you have had your lunch is just making conversation, but in fact it is her way of showing love and concern for you. She is be always interested to know how your life is, how your job is, your problems, your failures and your successes. You will find her there with you in your high and low points. Your life matters to her, if she loves you.

2.  She tells her parents about you: – Does she talks with you about her family? If yes, this is another good sign that the girl has fallen for you. If she asks you to meet her parents, she will almost certainly be in love with you.

3.  She agrees to go for a date: – Chinese girl agrees to go out for her first date only if she formally acknowledges you as the right man for marriage. A Second date with her can be considered as consent to the distinct possibility of marriage. A third date with her, will indicate that she wishes to marry you.

4.  She talks about her feelings: – If tells you that “She misses you” and “She cares for you”, she means it. These words need to be taken very seriously. Your Chinese girlfriend certainly won’t tell you this until she is certain she loves you.

5.  She asks you questions and talks to you a lot: – She always likes to talk to you. She asks you about people, their life and even their affairs. She will always pay attention what you say. She will remember what you talked about in your previous meetings. You should not take it as nosy but it is her way of expressing love for you. She will talk looking directly into your eyes.

6.  She will give you gifts: – Chinese girls love to offer gifts to their men. It can be as small as a red rose or expensive. You are definitely going to like all her gifts.

Asian dating? Falling in love changes your brain

Are you involved in an Asian dating romance? Have you fallen in love? If so, the very act of falling in love might have actually done something to your brain.

Heart and brain on a balance scale. Digital illustration.

Although it has been long suspected, falling in love actually changes your brain. This goes well beyond wanting to sing silly love songs, ignoring your friends, and staying up all night waiting for her to hang up first; scientists now have proof that physical changes take place in your brain.

According to a recent Chinese study, when you fall in love, around 12 areas of your brain are involved. This means that fluttery feeling when you first fell into that Asian dating relationship is definitely in your head!

In the study, researchers performed MRIs on 100 students. A third of the group had never been in love before, another third had just broken up with someone, and the final third was in a current romantic relationship. The results were staggering.

According to the MRI results, the blood flow in and around the brain definitely changes when you are infatuated with someone.

What does all of this really mean? This could be the dawn of a new era where we understand the science of love and maybe even how to get over it or fall in love with certain people.

One thing is for certain: according to science, love isn’t just in your heart – it’s also in your head.

Asian dating and literature: Half a Lifelong Romance translated

There is some good news for people who are into Asian dating and literature. It took almost 50 years, but Eileen Chang’s beloved novel, Half a Lifelong Romance, has finally been translated into English.

Woman reading a book and covering her face

The Chinese author originally published the story, which is set in 1930s Shanghai, in serial form back in 1950. Half a Lifelong Romance is one of Chang’s most esteemed works and has been incredibly popular ever since it was first shared with the world.

Chang’s story doesn’t just appeal to those in an Asian dating relationship; anyone who enjoys a dramatic love story filled with betrayal, family oppression, and opportunism will enjoy reading it. The insightful yet haunting tale has also been adapted several times for the stage, television, and silver screen.

If Half a Lifelong Romance was so popular, you might be wondering why it took so long for this work to be translated into English.

According to the translator, Karen S. Kingsbury, it might be because of the audience. Kingsbury also happens to be a professor of international studies at Chatham University in Pennsylvania. She believes that the way Chang wrote – filled with political insouciance – alienated her from who would be her most natural readers. She explores traditional family bonds and the nuances of the male-female relationship in a similar way to Virginia Woolf.

It is interesting to note that Chang actually moved to Los Angeles and lived in the U.S. for 40 years. In fact, she wrote many of her works directly in English. However, it seems that the American public wasn’t really ready for her until now.

Chang is the only Chinese woman published by Penguin Classics, the publishing house that took on the English translation.