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Chinese dating tips to meet chinese women.

Post-90s generation fuels blind Chinese dating

In recent years, blind Chinese dating has become quite a phenomenon. Why is this the case?

According to a survey conducted by Chinanews Life Channel, a driving force behind all this blind dating is the post-90s generation. This spot used to be held by the post-80s generation, but those individuals have been less involved lately, perhaps due to age or possibly even settling down and getting married.

Blind date

The surge in blind Chinese dating by the post-90s generation might actually be due to their age.

In China, the first marriage of men at age 25 or older (age 23 or older for women) is considered to be a “late’” marriage. If you do the math, you’ll see that those born in 1990 will be turning 25 very soon, which means that they will be considered “late” if they are not already married.

Therefore, the blind dating rush is inspired by the Chinese culture, and parents also play a role. Some university graduates who return home might come back to a bedroom furnished with a double bed instead of the twin bed they left behind. Subtle hints and actions can speak very loudly.

When it comes to blind dating, many modern Chinese singles prefer traditional blind dating rather than blind dating services or marriage agencies, which have become popular in recent years. However, when it comes to seeking out love, online dating services still prove very popular.

Safety tips for Chinese dating sites

A decade ago when Chinese dating sites first began to blossom, it was risky for people to go out on a date with someone they met online, especially for women. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then.


Today, meeting someone online through Chinese dating sites is a normal part of dating. The process is simple: find a reputable dating site, sign up, and make connections. The good dating sites do have a vetting process, but there are still safety concerns that are worth mentioning in light of some recent reports, according to China Daily.

There have been several cases in which women were defrauded, attacked, or worse after meeting people they had met online. Although this type of thing is quite rare, the Chinese government is rightly concerned.

The Criminal Department at the Supreme People’s Court wants to warn people not to immediately trust or believe what people say online and to practice safety when engaging in online dating. This seems like common sense, but it is true that there are safety concerns even in today’s modern online dating environment. Here are some tips everyone should remember:

  • Don’t immediately share your real name, personal email address, phone number, or address with anyone you’ve met online.
  • Be concerned if anyone wants to meet immediately or asks for money or any other sort of financial assistance.
  • After you’ve communicated for a while and decide to meet, always do it in a public place, bring a friend, and let others know where you are going.

Chinese dating, reading habits, and Frog

If you’re into Chinese dating, you might actually find yourself changing your reading habits and trying to learn more about Chinese culture. This might be because you want to read the same books your online love interest is reading, or you might simply want to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s where Frog comes in. It’s not a book you have to read, but you might very well want to read it if you are interested in China’s one-child policy. Although the policy might be controversial to some people, it is an inescapable truth and part of China’s history and culture.

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Frog is a 400-page book that takes a look at a small Chinese town’s midwifery and the politics of abortion during the most intense years of the country’s one-child policy. Mo Yan, who also won a Nobel Prize in 2012, wrote the book. He is one of the few novelists who have not been jailed by the government for his work or beliefs, nor has he fled the country.

The book, which is written in the form of a letter, tells the story of one young man growing up during one of China’s most notably turbulent periods. The tale is filled with wry humor, which is surprising for the depth and heaviness of the subject matter. Topics include war, famine, the enforcement of the one-child policy, and even Chinese dating gone wrong.

Although Frog is filled with heroic children of the revolution, loyal communists, and brutal reality (although the magic of the culture is not lost), Yan also critiques the system indirectly and raises plenty of questions for discussion.

If you want to beef up your reading list in preparation for Chinese dating, you might be interested to know that Frog is being released in the U.S. this week.

Learning how to flirt from a Chinese dating site?

Do you belong to a Chinese dating site? If so, you might be expecting the site to give you some pointers on how to flirt, but not all of them provide advice. In an effort to help you find romance, we’ve put together some tips and tricks that most Western guys could probably use.

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Although most women want to find a secure love and happiness, flirting can be very different across cultures. This is particularly true when it comes to Western guys and Chinese girls:

  • That initial rejection of a date might not actually reflect her feelings about you. This can be a slippery slope, but it is very common for a Chinese girl to turn a guy down when he first asks her out. Many Chinese girls might seem shy, distant, and conservative at first, but this is just part of their culture. When you’re asking a girl out, just be honest and sincere. It goes a long way.
  • Don’t go for cheesy pick-up lines. Avoid playing the “Have we met before?” game. Those silly pick-up lines that may work in Western cultures aren’t so beneficial in China. They definitely won’t take you seriously if this is the approach you take.
  • Knowing when she really means “no”. If she comes up with an array of excuses why she can’t go out with you or why she won’t be able to see you again so soon, she’s probably trying to let you down easy. Don’t push it.

When you’re chatting via a Chinese dating site, you might not pick up all the nuances in Chinese flirting. It’s not always about what you say; it’s the meaning behind it that counts.