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Dating Asian women and adopting kids

As you continue dating Asian women, the time might come when you want to settle down and maybe even get married.  One day, the two of you might even want to have children.  Perhaps you move to China to start a new life together.

asian Child

What happens when the topic of having kids comes up?  Perhaps the two of you will want to adopt, but how does adoption work in China?  As you know, dating Asian women is a little different from dating American women, so why wouldn’t adoption practices be different as well?

According to the laws in China (the Adoption Law of the People’s Republic of China, to be exact), foreigners are allowed to adopt both male and female children under age 14 in the country.  The categories of kids that can be adopted include orphaned children, abandoned children, and children whose natural parents are not capable of providing for them.

It is important to understand that when a foreigner adopts a kid in China, that adoption must be approved not only in China but also in that individual’s resident country.  The prospective parents must also have no other children, neither through birth nor adoption; be capable of raising and educating the child; have no significant illnesses that might affect raising a child; and be at least 30 years old.

As a foreigner, you’ll also need to provide a number of items along with your application for adoption including:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marital status certificate
  • Certificates of property, profession, and income
  • Health examination certificate
  • Criminal record certificate
  • A home study report explaining your lifestyle, family, and finances
  • Photos

Additionally, there are a number of other rules you will want to learn about, especially if you are serious about adopting a Chinese child.  Good luck!

Chinese dating tip: Visiting the family in China

When you are involved in a romantic Chinese dating relationship, you are going to have to meet your partner’s family eventually.  This often means taking a trip to China.


Visiting a foreign country can be exciting, and a trip to meet your new love interest’s family can make the trip even more thrilling.  Don’t blow it by not knowing how to behave when you meet the family in person.

In China, people are generally very hospitable, but there are formalities that you should follow if you have been invited into the family home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t show up unannounced; arrange a time for the visit and make sure you arrive on time.
  • Always bring a gift as a polite gesture.  Remember, it is the thought that counts, so there is no need to break the bank.
  • If you have an overcoat, raingear, or hat, give it to the host for proper placement.
  • In most cases, you will want to remove your shoes when entering a Chinese home.  However, if the host is wearing shoes, you may ask if they want you to remove yours.
  • Greet everyone there, even people you do not know.
  • Only sit down after you have been invited to do so.
  • If you are offered tea, beverages, snacks, or dim sum, politely thank the host and then help yourself.
  • Don’t ever poke fun at anything in the host’s home.
  • Do not stay for longer than an hour unless you have been specifically invited to do so.
  • Always express your gratitude before leaving.

These general guidelines are a good base for meeting a Chinese family on your trip to China.  Remember, Chinese dating can be exciting and rewarding, but you must learn to truly appreciate and respect the culture if you want your relationship to flourish.

Chinese food that Chinese women don’t eat

If you are going to have any success dating Chinese women, you’re going to have to throw any preconceived notions that you have about Chinese food out the window.


Believe it or not, there is Chinese food and there is Americanized Chinese food.  Both can be really tasty, but you have to learn the difference between the two.

Like lots of cuisines, Chinese cooking has been modified in the West and is quite different from what most Chinese people in China actually eat.  At home, Chinese people usually eat lots of vegetables, some fruit, and sometimes a little meat.  Their food is simple yet delicious.

Meals are served family-style – even in restaurants – and everyone has a seat at the table.  Here’s a list of some popular Americanized “Chinese” dishes that aren’t really eaten in China:

  • Crab Wontons.  These deep-fried dumplings filled with cream cheese and crab are delicious, but they aren’t eaten in China.
  • Chop Suey.  This meal was actually invented by a Chinese cook working during the Gold Rush years for American miners.  The dish was really a conglomeration of leftovers!
  • Sweet and Sour Pork.  This dish seems more like it came from the American south than China.  With its battered and deep-fried chunks of pork or chicken slathered in a thick reddish-orange sauce, it is definitely not a local dish in China!
  • Egg Rolls.  Chinese people usually eat spring rolls, which are more delicate and crispier than egg rolls.
  • Beef and Broccoli.  Beef and broccoli as you know it is not a staple in China because the type of broccoli used is difficult to find there.
  • Fortune Cookies.  Fortune cookies are not Chinese!  Dessert is not common in China, but when something sweet is served after a meal, it’s usually an orange, which is considered good luck.

While it is perfectly alright to enjoy Americanized Chinese food, if you want to impress Chinese women, put a little effort into learning about their cultural cuisine.  Trust us, you won’t be sorry – authentic Chinese food is delicious!

Asian dating at the Hong Kong Book Fair

Lots of men are initially interested in Asian dating because they think Chinese women are meek, subservient, and quiet, but they are quickly surprised when they find out the opposite is usually true.  The idea of the subservient Chinese woman is an overrated stereotype; the truth of the matter is that many of them are educated, assertive, and smart.

Hong Kong

Armed with this knowledge, you might find that the Hong Kong Book Fair is a great place for Asian dating.  If you are planning to travel to China in July, the book fair will be taking place from July 16th through the 22nd and is a great way for book lovers to spend their day.

Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council every year, the Hong Kong Book Fair is intended to promote the local reading culture.  This year’s theme happens to be “Reading the World – Reading for a Better World.”

Attendees will get to explore new book exhibits, media products, reading and writing workshops, seminars, and panel sessions.  There will also be author autograph sessions as well as plenty of opportunities to buy books!

Asian dating isn’t just about flowers and dinner; it can be a highly intellectual experience when you meet the right person, which is why this book fair might very well be a great way to start off your trip.

The Hong Kong Book Fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention Center and costs $25 HKD for adults.