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Getting started with dating Asian singles

Every year, thousands of people meet their romantic partners on dating websites, so if you’re thinking about dating Asian singles online, you are definitely not alone!  Getting started is easy, but online dating is an entirely different animal from dating in person.  Here are some helpful hints to get you started.


Protecting your privacy

When dating Asian singles online, it is easy to remain anonymous to other users until you are ready to reveal yourself.  This provides a level of security and privacy.  Additionally, you’ll want to keep your personal contact information such as your home address, email address, last name, and phone number out of your profile.  Save that information for when you are ready to meet.

A good trick is to set up an email address that can be used exclusively for online dating.  This way, it becomes easy to quarantine any unwanted email.  Just remember to keep your passwords private and difficult to guess.

Avoiding problems

Always be sure to ask a lot of questions when communicating with someone online, and when you do, pay attention!  Stay alert for inconsistencies, which are always red flags, and be very wary if you ever get a request for money.  Take note of anything suspicious.  Remember that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Most online dating services provide a way to report unsavory behavior or possible scams.  If you’ve come across something like this and you aren’t sure how to proceed, simply check out the FAQs.

Chinese dating: discussing Amy Tan literature

When it comes to Chinese dating, many American men don’t think about what they’ll end up discussing when they finally do find a woman they might be interested in.  Sure, they might consider topics such as tea and the Great Wall, but those topics are rather generic.

Most Chinese women are educated and smart.  Many of them read, and many of them enjoy the books of Amy Tan, an American writer whose parents were both Chinese immigrants.  Reading some of Tan’s books or even reading up on her life might make for some really interesting discussions.


Although Tan spent her years growing up in California and Switzerland, her Chinese culture was not lost.  Many people know her for her most famous work, The Joy Luck Club. Tan’s latest book, The Valley of Amazement, is a story of sex, but not in the way you might think.  The novel focuses on a mother-daughter relationship and is set partially in historical China.  When a young woman’s mother leaves for San Francisco, she is forced into the life of a courtesan.

Tan’s works, which include seven novels, a couple of children’s books, and some non-fiction is award-winning, provocative, and offers an interesting point of view on the Chinese culture.  Becoming familiar with her work allows a glimpse into one person’s take on the culture and how Chinese-Americans see it.

One word of advice for those American men engaging in Chinese dating, however: do not read Tan’s books and assume that is how your Chinese girlfriend lives!

Avoiding online Asian dating scams

Online Asian dating can be a truly rewarding experience as it opens up a whole new realm of romantic possibilities.  However, there is also the potential of being scammed through an online dating site.

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Although most of us think that the stories we see on the news about an online dating scam could never happen to us, the truth of the matter is this:  some Asian dating scams have become so sophisticated that even the most technically savvy or street smart individual can be duped!

Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself.  Here’s how:

  • Never send money to anyone online.  If an online love interest begins asking you for money, chances are it is a scam.  The basic idea is that these individuals will start by professing their love for you as they gain your interest and trust.  Once they have that, they will ask you for money.  Sure, you can send gifts if you want, but if someone flat out asks you for cash, be wary.
  • Stick to the online dating site.  In the beginning, it is a good idea to stick to interactions through the online dating site rather than personal accounts.  Eventually, if you want to move away from the dating site, you can, but keep this in mind for those early interactions.
  • Watch out for tall tales.  Everyone has a story, but scammers are particularly good at spinning tall tales.  Watch out for anyone who says they have had a traumatic incident and need some cash just to get home.  These folks usually tell you they are traveling abroad.  Remember: if something seems too good to be true, it often is.
  • Steer away from intimate conversations early on.  A popular online dating scam involves intimate conversations and the threat to post them publicly if you do not send money.  This is extortion and is illegal. 

Chances are your online love is the real deal, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared when it comes to dating online.

Preparing to meet Asian single ladies in person

Online dating is a great way to meet Asian single ladies, but is there anything special about that very first meeting?  It is possible that one of you will be traveling to a foreign country for this very special first date, and there are some things you should keep in mind as you prepare.

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  • Dress code.  Believe it or not, there is an essential dress code for when you meet Asian single ladies for the first time.  As with any first date, you want to look respectable and very put-together, as appearance is very important in most Asian cultures.  However, the nature of the first date will also determine your wardrobe for the day, so pay close attention to the itinerary.
  • Bring a gift.  It is customary to bring a gift on the first date, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  The important thing is the thought that goes behind it and that she likes it.  Show your sincerity by giving a unique or thoughtful gift.  If you will be meeting her parents for the first time, be sure to bring them a small gift as well.
  • Keep expectations low.  Although things might be going wonderfully online, it could be a little different when you meet in person.  Remember, real love will stand the test of time and reality.  When you meet her for the first time, do not behave as though you have been a couple forever.  Take it slowly and keep expectations low.
  • Talk a lot.  Stay in touch leading up to the first meeting through online chatting, instant messaging, texting, phone calls, or even video conferencing.  Any way you can keep in touch is important in order to get a complete understanding of each other.

Going on a date is never really easy, especially when the two of you come from such different countries and cultures, so it is okay to be a little nervous.  If you have found that connection online and want to meet in person, you might have found your soul mate!