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Belong to Chinese dating site? Understand Chinese sexuality

One of the things you may pick up on when you join a Chinese dating site is that women’s sexuality in the East is a lot different than those in the West.  For Western men, this can be confusing and sometimes even frustrating.

Guy giving piggyback ride on hill under heart cloud

The thing to remember is, Chinese women do not lack sexual awareness (completely) and there is nothing strange about them.  Their culture is just different and there traditionally hasn’t been a lot of sexual education in China.  Needless to say, many Chinese women (and men) just haven’t been aware of all the romantic nuances that could go on in the bedroom.  This doesn’t make them prudish, just uneducated.

To put it into perspective, think of many Chinese women as being from the 1950s.  For example, some Chinese students may consider the word ‘flirting’ as a naughty one!  But, things are definitely changing in China, especially in the larger cities.  This is particularly evident in the way some women are dressing – shorter skirts, high heels, and make-up.  However, as provocative as it may look, many are just going with the fashion flow and are still quite innocent.  In other words, these are no ‘Dragon Ladies!’

So, if you’ve decided to join a Chinese dating site in the hopes of simply ‘hooking up’ it may not be the best solution for you.  Many women that join such sites are looking for love and romance, and maintain their traditionally innocent values.  If you are also looking for love and romance, sign up now – if you haven’t already!

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Many Chinese girls like romantic movies

If you’re going to date Chinese girls, you might want to learn a thing or two about the most romantic Asian movies.  Most people think that every Asian movie is about Kung Fu or martial arts or that the majority of them are scary horror flicks.  The truth of the matter is that many of them are pretty romantic – perfect for a movie night with Chinese girls.

Heart shapes film reels

If you want to know what to put on your Netflix, read on…

  • Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Hong Kong, 1996) – Directed by Peter Chan Ho-sun, this film is based on the book of the same name and follows a pair of star-crossed lovers who tempt fate and take chances to see if their love will stand the test of time.
  • Farewell My Concubine (China, 1993) – Spanning a 50-year period, this film directed by Chen Kaige is filled with passion, intrigue, and heartache.  This sensual story about a Peking opera star tormented by a broken heart and unfulfilled desire is the only Chinese movie to ever win the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • The Love Eterne (Hong Kong, 1963) – This musical film directed by Li Han-hsiang draws plenty of inspiration from The Butterfly Lover and tells the tale of a girl dressed as a boy who is deeply in love with her best friend.  It’s a magically sweet movie.
  • Spring in a Small Town (China, 1948) – This movie, which was remade in 2002, is one of the most romantic Asian films out there.  Directed by Fei Mu and set in China as it recovers from war, the film follows a couple that struggles to stay together even after their initial passion has fizzled out.  The underlying themes are resilience and commitment.
  • You are the Apple of My Eye (Taiwan, 2011) – Although this movie might appeal more to teens, it is worth watching.  It’s the sweet story of the girl everyone wants but only one boy can make a move.  It reminds us of what love is really all about: surprise, excitement, and fun.

Single moms and Chinese dating

There is more to Chinese dating than meets the eye.  Not every woman who has submitted an online dating profile is in her twenties.  There are, in fact, plenty of single moms looking for love as well.

When you first decided that you wanted to try Chinese dating, the idea of single moms probably didn’t pop into your head.  After all, dating a single mom, especially online, can be a real challenge – especially if you don’t have kids yourself.  It really does take a special guy to want to even try.


However, we are here to tell you that single moms can be great romantic partners.  If you are open to the idea of dating a single mom, here are some tips for you:

  • Remember that she’s a mom and her kids will always come first.  Familial ties are extremely important in the Chinese culture, so you need to understand that her kids will always come first.  However, this is probably true for a mom in any culture.  Try to be as supportive and understanding as possible.
  • Don’t ask about the father of her children.  If she wants to talk about her child’s father, she will.  Do not bring this topic up, especially when the relationship is new.  She will eventually discuss her past but probably won’t until she knows that you’re truly interested in a relationship.
  • Be patient.  Many single moms aren’t as open as single women without kids.  They have built up walls to protect themselves and their children.  Show her that you are serious about the relationship and be patient, and she will eventually open up.
  • Be nice to her kids.  If you want to have a romantic relationship with this lady, be nice to her kids.  If you don’t like kids, dating a single mom probably isn’t the best idea.