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Are today’s Asian singles traditional Chinese women?

A frequently asked question among Western men is whether or not today’s Asian singles are anything like the traditional Chinese woman.  The truth is that there is no clear-cut answer.

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China has an ancient culture and a long history, and many women do respect their cultural heritage.  However, that doesn’t mean that Asian singles of today aren’t also completely modern, despite having deeply traditional roots.
So, what is a traditional Chinese woman?  Historically speaking, men have been seen as the center of the family as China has a traditionally patriarchal society.  Dating back to the time of Confucius, ancestral rites and familial ties were highly favored and women’s roles were seen primarily as kinship roles such as wife, mother, daughter, sister, and so on.  Within these traditional roles, women were expected to comply with the wishes of the men in their lives.  This meant they obeyed their fathers when they were unmarried, their husbands, and then their sons if they ever became widowed.

In later centuries, the roles shifted slightly and the roles of men and women were seen in terms of yin (women) and yang (men).  Women, as yin, were seen as receptive, passive, soft, and tranquil while men were the dominating opposite.  It is important to note that in this traditional sense, it is not a social separation between men and women, but rather a natural one; the universe has two forces that complement each other completely.

It is these basic principles from which the premise of the “traditional Chinese woman” hails.  While many people still hold these views sacred, the modern Chinese woman is a much more authoritative force than ever before – in a good way!

Law requires Chinese girls and boys to visit parents when grown

If you’re into dating Chinese girls, you might want to know that one day, you might legally be required to visit her parents when they are old.


Let’s face it: many of the laws in the United States are very different from the laws in China.  For example, in 2013, the Chinese government passed a law that requires children to visit and care for their aging parents.  So if you’ve been dating Chinese girls and are thinking of marrying one in the future, this law might apply to you indirectly.

According to statistics, elderly people in China will make up around 35 percent of the population by 2053 and the country is already having enough problems caring for its aging population.

Basically, the law requires adult children to visit or at least keep in touch with their aging parents or face being sued.  Surprisingly, this law didn’t really change the status quo, as it has been quite common for older parents to sue their grown children for emotional and financial support.  The law also doesn’t dictate how frequently kids must visit Mom and Dad or what the penalties could be if they don’t.

Although this might seem like a crazy law to people in the West, many Chinese people do not see it as such.  If you are already in a relationship with a Chinese woman, you might want to discuss this law and see what she thinks about it.

Dating Asian women at the Hungry Ghost Festival

If you are interested in dating Asian women, it is a good idea to learn as much about their culture as possible.  This shows that you are interested in their heritage and want to learn more about them.  Part of this process might actually involve a trip to China.


If you are planning to travel to China in August, you might be interested in attending the Hungry Ghost Festival, which is scheduled to commence on August 10th.  This festival is an age-old custom that pays tribute to dead people and their ghosts and is the most important celebration to take place during Hungry Ghost month.

Every year, on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month – usually July or August – people throughout China celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival.  The primary focus is to celebrate and worship ancestors.  Asian women and men perform special ceremonies such as burning incense, placing the family’s ancestral tablets on a table, and preparing special meals all to avoid the wrath of hungry ghosts.  Food is left for the ghosts, who might be hungry after wandering the land since the beginning of the month.

Although it is always nice to honor the dead, the Hungry Ghost Festival has a pretty horrifying background and happened to be the scariest month of the year for thousands of years.  Legend says that the ghosts of Chinese ancestors are let out of Hell for the month and they are in search of weird entertainment.  Many Chinese avoid going swimming or being outside alone at night in fear of enemy ghosts.

Dating tips for newly divorced Asian singles

Let’s face it: the end of a romantic relationship can be scary and confusing. This is why online dating can be a great transition into the world of dating for newly divorced Asian singles.


For many people, one of the scariest aspects of getting a divorce is the prospect of dating again.  The exclusive commitments, the promises, and the emotional ties to that one person are no longer there.  Is it liberating?  Is it confusing?  Is it exciting?  The answer to all three questions is yes.

How do you know when it’s time to start dating after the end of a relationship?  Here are some tips to see if you’re ready to meet some Asian singles yet:

  • Have you grieved enough yet?  This is an important question.  Where there is an attachment and a loss, there will be grief.  You need to grieve in order to heal from the end of the marriage.  For some, the grieving process takes a while.  Process your grief, sadness, rage, and anger so that you can move on to bigger and better things.
  • Do you know who you are without your spouse?  Many times, spouses seem to lose themselves in their partners.  After a marriage, it might be hard to recognize who you are.  Get to know yourself before getting back into the dating game.
  • Do you know how to be in a relationship?  This may seem like a silly question, but it is a valid one.  Remember, in order to have a healthy and enduring romance, it takes three:  you, me, and we.  All aspects should be nurtured in order to have a successful relationship.

If you’ve just recently been divorced, take your time when it comes to dating.  There are no rules saying that you must be in a relationship, and bear this in mind if you meet someone online who has also just been divorced.  Take it slow!