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Finding the top Chinese dating sites

Online dating is often only slightly less confusing than dating in person for many guys, which means that the topic of finding the top Chinese dating sites often comes up.

Internet dating

While many of the top Chinese dating sites are pretty straightforward in their goals – allowing people to meet and start a relationship – their approaches vary greatly.  This means that before you pick a site, you need to figure out what your dating style is in order to determine which of the many Chinese dating sites are going to work best for you.

Ask yourself some of these questions to get started:

  • Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Do I prefer to get to know people online or in person?
  • How much work do I really want to put into meeting someone?
  • How am I at engaging with new people?  Am I reserved or outgoing?
  • Do I want casual dating or something more serious?

Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of the questions above.  The truth is, many of those questions actually overlap.  Nonetheless, knowing yourself well will only help you in figuring out which Chinese dating site you’ll want to join.

If you’re considering the world of online dating, you might find it surprising that lots of people want to actually go on dates rather than fill out forms on their computer, while others like the organized, well-thought out procedures of dating sites.  It is entirely up to you!

Why do so many white men want a date with Chinese women?

Lots of white men pine over the idea of a date with Chinese women, but where has this fetish come from?  Why do so many white Western men want to get romantic with Chinese women?

2 Laptops with male and female avatars and hearts floating between them

The initial attraction might be rooted in stereotypes and myths.  A popular misconception is that Chinese women are better lovers than other women and offer no meaningful presence in popular culture or politics.  If this is the reason you want a date with Chinese women, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

But where do these misconceptions come from?  Art and literature, of course!  Just look at the roles you typically see Chinese women playing in the movies, in theater, and on TV.

The Asian woman is eroticized in Western culture, perhaps because she is so different.  Femme fatales, sexy Geishas, and Kung Fu seductresses fill the screens and sell tickets.  Ethnically neutral roles aren’t quite as exciting when you think about it, are they?

An interesting point about this sexualization of Asian women in the movies and media, however, is that most women aren’t bothered by it.  That’s probably why the phenomenon is so strong.

Like it or not, this attraction is probably not going anywhere, which is why there are so many online dating sites focusing on bringing Western men and Asian women together.

Selecting your profile name for an online Asian dating site

You’ve decided to join an online Asian dating site.  You’re bound to connect with someone you’ll want to pursue a little romance with in no time.  However, before you get started, you will need to choose your profile name.


For some people, selecting a dating profile name can be a real challenge because it really is one of the first things a potential partner will see.  We all know that first impressions really do count.  While it is tempting to choose any random name, you should put some thought into it or you might be sorry later on.

First and foremost, keep safety in mind when choosing your profile name for an online Asian dating site.  It is never a good idea to use any part of your real name simply because it isn’t safe.  Consider how much online fraud goes on and be smart about the choice.

Another thing to remember is to keep it simple.  People will often ask you how you came up with your dating profile name, so be prepared to answer.  You want your name to be recognizable and memorable, so stay away from names that are too complex or obscure.  Adding too many numbers to your name can also make it more difficult to remember.

If you aren’t sure what you want to use for a profile name, think about your interests.  For example, if you are really into astrology, why not incorporate your zodiac sign into the name?  Remember, your profile name should have a natural connection to you, so just go with what seems right.

One last word of advice: avoid using a sexy or offensive profile name.  This usually backfires and could attract the wrong types of people or even get you banned from the site.

Taking Asian single ladies to the Dalian Beer Festival

Dating Asian single ladies can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to travel to China and experience their culture.  China is famous for its delicious cuisine, but festivals and celebrations are another big part of Chinese culture.


Chinese people generally enjoy celebrations and put a lot of effort into making them memorable.  Throughout the year, there are many different festivals ranging from those focusing on technology and tea to those focusing on watermelons and dragons.

The Dalian Beer Festival is one such celebration. It is held in the city of Dalian each year.  This year, it will take place from July 24th through August 4th.  The festival is a great place to meet Asian single ladies or to take that someone special you’ve been dating online.

The 30-minute opening ceremony will start at 7:30 on July 28th at the Huabiao Center Stage in Xinghai Square.  The ceremony includes a stage performance of a ceremonial beer cask opening along with a festival flag raising, singing, and fireworks.  About 300,000 tourists will join locals in attending the festival’s opening activities.

The festival offers plenty of exhibitions by beer manufacturers from all over the world, a beer disco, a beer-drinking contest, a photography contest, a beer culture exhibit, and beer discussion panels.

If you happen to love beer and are planning on traveling to China at the end of July, the Dalian Beer Festival will really float your boat!