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Leftover Chinese Women and International Love

The concept of leftover Chinese women, dating in their late twenties who are single and generally well-educated, is something that’s relatively new in the country. In the past, women would usually get married at a young age, but things are much different in today’s world. More and more of the women are spending more time in school and getting a good education. They want to have a degree and they want to have a career. When they get past their mid-20s, it becomes more difficult for them to find a husband in China.

leftover chinese women

Of course, one of the reasons that many women in China today need to have a good education is so that they can actually find jobs that are able to support them. This is particularly true in the urban areas, which tend to be far more expensive than the rural locations around China.

It’s important to note that there is something of a double standard in China when it comes to being over 35 and still single. If it is a man who is focusing on his career, then he is called a Diamond Bachelor. When a woman is more successful, it is difficult to find a husband because Chinese tradition dictates that the man should be the more successful of the two. Those times may slowly be changing, but it is not happening fast enough for many Chinese women.

Because of this, many Chinese girls who are considered part of the leftover women are starting to look for love internationally. They find that Western men do not frown upon mature women, and they are not afraid to date women who are successful and who have a good education. The women are happy to know that they are not really leftover, that they have just as much of a possibility of finding true love as anyone else does.

Asian dating examined in “The Leftover Monologues”

Asian dating is very different from dating in the West. Part of this might be due to China’s One Child Policy, which was implemented in the late 1970s and has put the ratio of women to men in the country severely off kilter.

Chinese culture

Many Chinese people might consider themselves as modern in terms of today’s social views; however, when it comes to dating, parental pressure can still outweigh true love in many cases. Asian dating is often intended for families to move up the social ladder or to maintain a certain status. Some dating choices are also fueled by the fear of becoming a “leftover woman.”

In China, women who haven’t married by the age of 27 are considered “leftover.”  These are typically women who have gone to college and chosen a career rather than family life. Many of these ladies turn to online dating and men from the West because of this stigma. Now, these concerns are being laid out on the stage.

“The Leftover Monologues” is a play that was inspired by the wildly popular Broadway show, “The Vagina Monologues.”  However, this Middle Kingdom version focuses on Chinese and foreign women – and some men – and their stories of romance, love, dating, and the crippling fear of being leftover.

American journalist Roseann Lake is the brain behind “The Leftover Monologues.”  She has just finished writing a book about love in China, which drew her attention to the phenomenon of leftover women and just how different Asian dating is from American dating.

The play opened in Beijing over the summer and ran for a couple of weeks. If it opens professionally in the coming years and you are interested in Chinese culture, you might want to check it out to gain some insight into the Chinese dating scene.

Chinese Women and Their Mission to Find Love

Chinese women unmarried are often considered as “leftover”. I recently read an article about a new Chinese romantic comedy aimed at China’s “leftover” Chinese women.’ This new comedy stars Chinese actress-writer-director Eva Jin. She said:

“You need  to be just as brave and feisty in your love life as your career life,” suggested Jin, whose film arrived in Hong Kong on Thursday.

chinese women left over

Women with dynamic careers in China are often found in the ‘leftover’ category as their own Chinese culture considers them a failure unless they marry a husband in a certain class.

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Chinese Women “Leftover women” in China

“Leftover Chinese Women” is a not very flattering term used recently in China to describe Chinese women in their late 20’s in China who have not yet found a husband. These Chinese women are often professional attractive women who for cultural reasons are not able to find a husband in China.

chinese women leftover

Here is a quote from the original article below:
“Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary,” Ni Lin, who hosts a popular match-making television show in Shanghai, told Reuters.

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