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Modern Chinese Women

Dating the Modern Chinese Woman

Chinese women today are not the same stereotypical Asian girl that’s so often depicted as being demure and helpless. They are certainly beautiful and feminine. There’s no doubt about that. However, the modern Chinese woman also happens to be strong, as well as highly intelligent, and many have advanced degrees and are well on their way to building their careers.

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When dating the modern Chinese woman, Western men will find that there is a difference between doing that and dating “traditional” Chinese women. Let’s look at these differences a bit more closely to give you a better idea of what it’s like.

What Makes Modern Asian Women Different

First, let’s look at the elements that typify the traditional woman in China. She may be very studious, but also humble and shy, as well as deferential, sometimes to her detriment. While respect is fantastic between both men and women, women should not always have to capitulate to what the men want. Mutual respect is necessary. Many traditional women in China are very family oriented as well.

Now, we’ll look at the modern Chinese woman. They tend to be more independent emotionally and financially, and they are typically very outgoing. As mentioned, they are career and goal oriented, and highly educated. In addition, they often live alone and travel alone. This is especially true of women in urbanized areas who have devoted most of their time and energy to building their own identity, rather than sticking just to what their traditional Chinese families want for them.

Because of these differences, and the fact that many families – and men – in China expect a woman to be married at a relatively young age, by her mid-twenties, many modern Chinese women who have pursued a career and travel over settling down early end up struggling to find a man who appreciates what they have to offer in their own country.

These women are more and more often turning to online dating to find a Western man with a more open mind, one who values their life experience and independence and is much less concerned with age. Western men are very much accustomed to women who don’t marry until their late twenties, early thirties, or even in their forties, so this is seldom a concern when they choose a partner.

Finding the Right Mix

Of course, it is also important to remember that each woman is an individual and likely has some traits from both of these categories. When you meet a woman, it’s important to get to know more about her and the things that she finds important when you are deciding if the two of you are compatible. Are you looking for someone who is modern and independent, or are you looking for someone who is more traditional?

It’s likely that even if you meet a beautiful Chinese woman who is modern, independent, and has pursued her own life before seeking a relationship, she will still have ties to some of her traditional background. You want to make sure that her needs and wants will mesh well with yours, and that the two of you will be able to agree on important aspects of your life together. For example, she may be ready to settle down and stay home to raise children for a while, or she may desire to have kids yet continue to work. Either way you want to be sure you can agree on how to do things.

You have to find the person that makes you happy, and you have to be sure that she’s happy as well.

Asian singles find love matches for their dogs

Love is in the air for Asian singles and their dogs… Who doesn’t want their four-legged friend to find true love just like Lady and the Tramp did?

Dogs in a car

Believe it or not, one of the most popular dating shows in China and among many Asian singles is a dating show for dogs on the Chinese television network Jiang Su TV. The show is pretty straightforward; some dogs are thrown together and romance ensues with the help of a matchmaker.

In each episode, the program welcomes eight dog owners and their corresponding pups. The idea is sort of like the Westminster Kennel Dog Show meets The Dating Game; each canine contestant showcases his or her special tricks and good looks in hopes of attracting dogs of the opposite sex.

The show features a judge and some special guests that help move the matchmaking along. The show is actually a spinoff of a very similar dating game show that is intended for humans. The show was so popular among viewers in China that a canine version was developed to capitalize on its success.

When you meet that special someone online and the topic of television and entertainment comes up, why not ask if she likes this show?  It is a great conversation starter even if neither of you have ever seen the show. Perhaps your dog and her dog could even be contestants!


Are subservient Chinese girls a myth?

We all know that there are a lot of stereotypes out there about Chinese girls, including that they are often subservient when it comes to their personal relationships with men.  We’ve also heard that some stereotypes are based at least partly in truth.

Racial stereotypes

What does “subservient” actually mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word is an adjective describing someone who is “very willing or too willing to obey someone else.”  If you’ve met any Chinese girls, you might have already realized that this definition does not work for most of them.

If this stereotype has any truth to it at all, it might come from the fact that the Chinese culture is very male-dominated.  In the most traditional and stereotypical sense, Chinese women are expected to serve their men.  Chinese women are also expected to keep quiet and not draw attention to their thoughts or openly disagree with their husbands.

This subservient woman might have been prominent in years past, but today, young Chinese women are more empowered than ever, which might make them even more attractive to Western men.

It is important to remember that stereotypes can be hurtful, and as you date Chinese women, you should keep that in mind.  They can even be damaging to self-esteem and they cause many misconceptions about a particular group.  Although it can be hard to get such ideas out of your head, make an effort so that you do not jeopardize a potentially long and rewarding relationship.

Common myths about Chinese women

It is not unusual to see Western men dating chinese women. Chinese women are smart, perceptive, beautiful, fun, and appreciative, so it is no surprise that they attract a wide range of admirers.

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Like the stereotype of the type of Western men who like to date Chinese women, there are many myths surrounding what a Chinese woman is actually like.  Here’s a look at some of the most common misconceptions:

Myth #1:  Chinese women make perfect wives.

Back in 500 B.C., Confucius described the perfect Asian wife as one who is loyal, caring, and looks up to her husband in perfect harmony.  Things have changed since then; most Chinese women are modern, but they do respect family values and traditions.  However, it is important to remember that many of these women believe in the equality between a husband and a wife.

Myth #2:  Chinese women are submissive and sweet.

The modern Chinese woman is often sweet, loving, and loyal, but she can also be pragmatic, realistic, and strong.  The stereotype of the submissive Chinese wife with bound feet is not the norm, so men looking for such a woman could be disappointed and might prefer sticking to the pages of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth.

Myth #3:  The American man is her only ticket to a better life.

Although there are some Chinese women who want to marry American men and go on to live the great American dream, this is primarily a myth.  Like women anywhere else in the world, many Chinese women are just looking for love.  They can have a great life in China, but those who fall in love with an American often end up living in the U.S.

Just remember, it is important not to pigeonhole a Chinese woman to any one idea. Take the time to get to know her and find out what makes her unique.