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Dating Asian singles and “little emperors”

For Western men, it is important to understand that dating Asian singles is a little different than dating women from their own culture.  In fact, if they’re not prepared, they may be in store for a real culture shock.

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There are so many differences between Chinese and Western culture – from the types of food to the interactions between family members.  It is particularly interesting to note how the country’s one-child policy may have actually influenced the way many of today’s Asian singles behave, especially in a romantic relationship.

The first thing to understand is that the very first generation of children born under China’s one-child policy just recently entered their early thirties.  And it is many of these individuals that are out there looking for love right now.  The policy was put into place to help control the population, and all of these only children were dubbed “little emperors” because they were coddled and spoiled by their parents.

It’s probably true that the Chinese government wasn’t thinking about the future love lives of these children when they implemented the one-child policy, but the policy has had a great impact.  This is particularly true when Chinese girls interact with their boyfriends.  They like to ‘sajiao,’ or act like a spoilt child – tantrums and all.  It is customary for the men to ‘honghong,’ or comfort and humor them.

This type of behavior can seem shocking to Westerners, especially to those unfamiliar with the Chinese culture.  Some men find the behavior childish and disrespectful – if that is the case, he may want to consider dating women from a different culture. However, for those men that are willing to embrace and learn about the Chinese customs and seek out Asian singles, he may be rewarded with a very beautiful, loyal, and loving wife someday!

Tips for dating single Chinese women

If you are thinking about dating single Chinese women, it helps to know a little bit about their culture, expectations, and customs.  This can be helpful because dating a Chinese woman is often quite different from dating a Westerner.  In fact, women from China will often react very differently than American women would to a particular situation.

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Keeping up appearances

In China, like many Asian cultures, pride and appearances are very important.  This means that honor plays an integral role in the decisions they make and the lives they lead.  In many cases, single Chinese women will not be attracted to men who do not care about their appearance, so shabby attire and an unkempt look are a big turn-off.  This is particularly important when meeting her family, so be sure to dress to the nines.

Offering a compliment

In the United States, many women react negatively to receiving too many compliments; laying it on thick can make you seem desperate.  However, this is not the case in China.  Chinese ladies are very responsive to compliments and might even react with a few giggles, bashful eyes, or blushing.  Such attentions are very flattering.  Just remember to keep the compliments tasteful.

Chivalry is not dead

American women are quick to complain that chivalry is dead, but many of them don’t respond to it when it is presented to them.  In China, it’s a different story.  Masculinity and chivalry go a long way, so go ahead and open the door for your lady, walk on the outside edge of the sidewalk, and let ladies enter first.  Gender roles are more defined in Asian countries, so these actions will not go unnoticed.

Asian dating tips every guy should know

Let’s face it, there really is no definitive set of rules when it comes to Asian dating – every experience is unique to the individuals involved.  However, there are some general guidelines that men should keep in mind when starting a new relationship.

Asian dating tips

Tip #1: Figure out what you want

So, what are you looking for in a woman?  It’s the first question you should ask yourself before seeking out a romantic relationship.  This is particularly important when it comes to Asian dating, as the customs differ among the various regions.  Are you ready for marriage?  Do you want someone that has similar interests?  Are family values and Chinese traditions important to you?  Figure out what you really want before beginning a relationship.

Tip #2:  Location, location, location

Geography will undoubtedly become an issue when dating someone from another country.  If you’re dating a girl from China, chances are, she’s got relatives and friends there.  Are you ready to travel overseas to meet her family?  When dating someone from a different country, travel inevitably becomes part of the picture.  If you aren’t ready for that, you might want to rethink your choices.

Tip #3:  Family ties

For the Chinese, family is an important aspect of daily life.  In many cases, marriage is considered a family affair, so you won’t just be dating one lucky lady, but you’ll also be courting her family.  It’s a good idea to discuss family relationships, long-term plans, and expectations early on in the relationship so you aren’t surprised later on.  And remember; be sure to treat her family with the utmost respect.

Tip #4:  Chinese culture and tradition

No two cultures are exactly alike, just like no two people are exactly alike.  However, the Chinese culture is an ancient one with many traditions that have been upheld for generations.  Respect, generosity, and honor are common values that must be observed in every relationship, especially romances.  As you get to know the woman you’re dating, get to know more about her traditions, gender roles, and what she expects from the relationship.