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Chinese Wedding Customs Past and Present

Weddings in China are very important, and they tend to differ a bit from Western weddings. Those who are dating Chinese women currently, may want to learn a bit more about some of the wedding customs to get an idea of what it might be like to marry in a Chinese wedding, or a wedding the blends the two cultures.

Weddings Then and Now

Many traditional wedding customs in China are still carried out today, or at least some variation on them. In addition, the customs can vary according to the ethnic or regional differences across the country. Most couples choose some combination of the legal element, followed by another – sometimes religious – ceremony, and/or a banquet the following weekend. The fact that there is religious tolerance in China makes it convenient if you wish to get married there and both of you wish to include your faith in the wedding plans.

Chinese single

In the past, the elders of the family would have to accept the request for marriage and the men would have to be approved before being allowed to marry. Today, that’s no longer the case, as adults in China are allowed to make their own decisions without needing the permission of their elders. However, some women may still want to seek the approval of the elders out of respect. This does not mean they will not ultimately make their own decision though.

Traditionally, the groom’s family will also provide the bride’s family with gifts, such as a dowry. The amount of the gift can vary, and in some cases may not be necessary. For the groom, particularly as a Western groom, it’s best to talk with the bride-to-be about the customs that her family follows.

Just as there are certain traditions followed in Western weddings (like the bride throwing the bouquet to the single women at the reception), there are also little customs involved in Chinese wedding tradition. Brand new shoes are a must for the bride, and her family members may even put on a little act of “resisting” allowing the bride to meet the groom, so as to keep her from leaving them. The couple often visits the bride’s parents three days after the wedding to carry out more rituals like the exchanging of gifts. Each family may put their own little spin on these customs.

Things to Consider

In China, it is traditional for the parents of the couple to determine who is going to pay for what in terms of financing the wedding. It’s important that you and your bride-to-be communicate clearly on this issue in order to avoid any potential friction when it comes time to work out the details with her parents. Blending the ways of two cultures can be tricky when it comes to marrying your beautiful Chinese bride, but open communication can help to keep the path to nuptial bliss as smooth as possible.

Romantic Asian dating in Hong Kong

When it comes to the most romantic cities in the world, Hong Kong might not immediately come to mind. You might be surprised to learn that despite its fast pace and bright lights, there are a number of romantic spots there that are simply perfect for romantic Asian dating.

Whether you are stopping in Hong Kong for a quick visit or heading there to meet the girl you met on an Asian dating site, keep these romantic ideas in mind:

  • Visit Victoria Peak. What is it about heights and romance? Cozy up to your honey on the Peak Tram as you take in impressive views of the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbor. On a clear night, the views are simply stunning. Be sure to save time for a stroll along the many trails or make a nighttime dinner reservation overlooking the city.
  • Cruise Victoria Harbor. Victoria Harbor is impressive to see from above, but a romantic harbor cruise is also pretty special. Hong Kong’s skyline is even more magical as it reflects off the water while you float through the harbor on a traditional junk boat, ferry, or dinner cruise.
  • Shower her with flowers. There are many fresh flower markets in Mong Kok, so why not shower her with a bouquet of beautiful flowers? Every girl loves to receive flowers, even if she says otherwise. You don’t have to buy them all; walking through the shops and stalls is pleasant enough for an afternoon stroll.
  • Dine in a private kitchen. Dining in a private kitchen is all the culinary rage in Hong Kong right now, so why not try it out? This type of dining is especially romantic because it will just be the two of you or several small groups. Finding the best private kitchen will take some time and planning, but it is well worth it.

Who says Hong Kong can’t be romantic?

Dating Chinese women: Tips to confirm your date with a Chinese Girl!

Courtesy, affection and respect is absolutely expected from males, when it comes to date a Chinese woman. It’s not straightforward to date a Chinese woman. Here are 10 ideal ways to confirm your date with a Chinese woman.


1. You need to be careful with your words and actions. Every action you take and whatever you say should show affection and care for the girl. Chinese women love men who care for their every moment. So, be a part of their every moment to win their heart before you ask her for a date.

2. When she speaks, listen to every word. Be careful with your conversation, whether it is on the phone or face to face. keep eye contact when you talk to her. Be attentive and make sure you do not miss any detail.

3. Get friendly with her and her family. Let her talk about her and her family members. Show your interest in her family matters. Show respect toward her family elders and show affection for younger ones. Talk about her friends.

4. Don’t go too fast, as most of Chinese woman take their time to lose their shyness. Once you think she feels comfortable with you, look for the right moment to ask her for a date.

5. Check out for her interests and hobbies. Help her enrich her interests with gifts. Colourful flowers are especially appreciated, especially red roses.

6. Most of the Chinese women hate rumours. So, be careful you don’t make her part of any rumour. Respect her dignity and be discreet.

7. Talk with her about Chinese culture and cultural values. Talk about environment, naturopathy, greenery, body energy and Chinese food. Discuss plans with her to go out to some nice park or Chinese restaurant. Show your interest to learn using chopsticks.

8. Though modern Chinese women are open to talk about sex and sexual activity, be very careful about this. Compliment her beauty and shower her with praises. Talk about looks, hair, dress and smile.

9. Most important is you dress properly and shave regularly. Don’t show ego or attitude. Be sweet to them and you win her for a date.

10. Be calm, friendly and don’t get impatient even if she says no to your proposal for date. She may take her time and you may get a surprise call from her.

Chinese women are like other Asian women, but never expect them to take the first step. So, it’s always for you to act first. Make them relaxed and get comfortable with them before you ask them for a date. There is nothing casual about love or sex for Chinese women.

Chinese girls are a rich brew of traditions, who are a little mysterious and cautious towards their relationships, so sexual encounters are to be taken seriously. Although getting an innocent looking Chinese girlfriend can be an exotic idea the truth is that Chinese women make great wives and many western men have fallen for their charms.


After Meeting a Woman on a Chinese Dating Service

Using a Chinese dating service to meet women can be fantastic for those who are looking to make real connections with gorgeous women and who are looking for a serious commitment. That’s one of the big differences between many women in Western cultures and their Chinese counterparts. Chinese women tend to become attached to someone very quickly, and this is something that you should expect – don’t let it frighten you; it’s just a cultural difference.


Once you start dating a woman that you’ve met through a Chinese dating service, you may find that she tends to call or text you several times a day, and she may become demanding when it comes to getting attention from you. This may be seen by some Westerners as being emotionally needy, but it’s not. It is simply a cultural difference. Many Chinese men are very attentive to their girlfriends, and the Chinese girls expect that when they are dating someone from another culture too.

While these are generalizations that will not apply to all women that you meet through an online Chinese dating site, it is something that could happen. When you are first talking with her and writing to her, you should be able to get a sense of her attitude in this regard. If you don’t reciprocate when she gives you this type of attention, she will likely see you as someone who is not sensitive, and that’s a huge turn off for many Chinese women.

To understand more about Chinese women, it’s a good idea to try to understand more about the Chinese culture, particularly when it comes to family and dating. The more information you have, the easier it becomes to know what you can expect when you are dating a woman from China. You can learn much more from China Love Date blogs. Sign up today and meet the love of your life.