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China Love Date Updates

Date Chinese women and visit these “love locks” bridges

If your intention has always been to date Chinese women and visit the iconic “love locks” bridge in Paris when you meet the right girl, you’ll have to have to make other plans.

For the last several years, the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris has been the place where millions of couples have gone to declare their true love for one another by placing a padlock onto the bridge and tossing the key into the Seine River below. That is all set to change as Parisian officials have now removed the padlocks and replaced the fencing with Plexiglass panels to prevent the tradition in the future.

Locked-in Syndrome

A staggering number of couples have come to place a padlock on the bridge, and it has now become dangerous. The locks have added 45 extra tons to the bridge, turning it into a hazard.

Although the bridge in Paris is definitely the most famous one, there are plenty of other sites where you can lock your love away. Check these out:

  • Mount Huang, China. If you date Chinese women and find yourself in China with the love of your life, you can still hang a padlock of love! Lock your soul with your sweetheart on one of the fences on Mount Huang and throw the key into the valley below.
  • North Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea. There are seven artificial “love trees” on the terraces of this tower with love locks in mind, and the tower’s operators have placed special bins in which to place the keys so lovers don’t toss the keys from the tower.
  • Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany. Back in 2009, lovers started placing love locks on this bridge over Cologne’s Rhine River. It is similar in style to the bridge in Paris where lovers toss their keys into the water below.
  • Vodootvodny Canal, Moscow, Russia. Instead of placing padlocks on the bridge itself, there are artificial “love trees” just like those found in South Korea.

Chinese dating history lesson: The passing of T.H. Tsien

A Chinese dating relationship can provide a lot more than companionship and romance; you might even learn a little bit about another culture. One example is T.H. Tsien, scholar of the Chinese written word.

Tsien passed away at the age of 105 on April 9. He risked his life in 1941 by smuggling thousands upon thousands of rare volumes during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai. Since around that time, he became associated with the University of Chicago and was an emeritus professor of East Asian languages and civilizations.


Although he was the author of scores of articles and books, many of which were published in English, Tsien is most widely known for his expertise on the history of writing in China. One of his favorite facts was that moveable type was in China centuries before Gutenberg.

Professor Tsien was born in China during the reign of its last emperor and worked in secret to protect the precious volumes, many of which dated back to the first millennium B.C. The story of his efforts is actually quite fascinating as he covertly packed 30,000 books in 102 wooden crates associated with hundreds of fake invoices.

When he was asked why he took on a secret identity to smuggle the volumes out of China during wartime, his response was always simply, “It was my duty.”

As you explore the many facets of Chinese dating, take the time to learn about the arts, culture, and history of your new potential partner, and you will find plenty of fascinating information.

When Asian dating turns you into an annoying tourist

Sometimes, Asian dating leads Americans to visit China. When you visit another country, it is important to respect that nation’s cultures and customs. It is only respectful to behave according to social norms.

Oil paint draw binoculars of tourism

However, there are still things that tourists do that really annoy Chinese people. If your Asian dating relationship brings you to China, here’s what you should not do:

  • Public nudity and photography is not acceptable. Although this might seem like a given, it is worth mentioning that public nudity is not socially acceptable in China. Be sure to keep your pants on… literally.
  • Relieving yourself on the side of the road is not acceptable. They say that “when you gotta go, you gotta go”. Well, not in China. If you have to relieve yourself, simply pulling over on the side of the road is not an option. This also goes for the Great Wall.
  • That four-person bench is for four people. Two people taking up a four-person bench really annoys the Chinese locals. If there is room for more people, allow that seat to be taken and don’t reserve it for your bag.
  • Whatever you do, don’t climb a tree. For some reason, tourists think it’s okay to climb trees in public parks. This really isn’t acceptable and it tends to bother the locals. If you see a tree, control the urge to climb it; sit beneath it instead.

The next time you find yourself in China, keep these suggestions in mind if you want to avoid annoying the locals.

When sci-fi and s Chinese dating site collide

If you belong to a Chinese dating site, you might also be interested in Chinese art and literature. If so, you probably already know that although China has a rich culture and many well-known authors, the country still needs to make some progress when it comes to science fiction.

Sneaking Robots in Love Valentine Geek Fun

Author Liu Cixin might be about to change that forever. Cixin has won nine Galaxy Awards, which is comparable to the Hugo Award. He has sold millions of books, most of which have been translated into several different languages including English, and his work happens to be science fiction.

What made Cixin decide to focus on science fiction? He is inspired by things like standing on the Bund in Shanghai and gazing up at the Oriental Pearl Tower, which he likens to a spacecraft.

His 2008 novel, The Three-Body Problem, is the first book in his trilogy. It takes place during the Cultural Revolution and follows the events that take place when an alien civilization picks up on Chinese radio signals. The alien-human relationship ends up being pretty volatile. Some view this story as a social commentary on current events.

Another thing that might have inspired Cixin is the fact that he also happens to be a historian of science at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

Last year, Chinese-American sci-fi author Ken Liu translated Cixin’s works into English. Next year, we’ll be seeing movie versions of Liu’s works on the silver screen. When the movie comes out, will you be taking your Chinese dating site love along?