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Visiting China

Chinese dating at the Shoton Festival

Setting up an online Chinese dating profile can be a lot of fun, but what happens once you’ve been communicating with someone special who is half a world away?  Often, online dating relationships lead to meeting in person, and that might involve some level of international travel.

Shoton Festival

If you’ve already planned your trip to China for August, the Shoton Festival might be a lovely way to spend some of your time there.  The festival, which takes place on August 26th this year, is held annually in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region.  The summer is a great time to visit the region thanks to the good weather, but it is important to plan ahead since this also happens to be the peak travel season.

The Shoton Festival dates back to the 11th century and was strictly religious until the 17th century.  This transition happened when the Great 5th Dalai Lama incorporated Tibetan opera into the festivities, making it more accessible to everyone.  It consists of three different parts: the Great Buddha Display, the Tibetan Opera Show, and the Horsemanship and Yak Race.  The festival is rooted in tradition and history, and it is a great spectacle for visitors.

If online Chinese dating or just a hunger to experience a different culture brings you to China in the summer months, it is highly recommended that you set some time aside to also visit Tibet and experience this grand event.

Traveling to China to meet Chinese girls

Meeting someone through an online dating site can be an exciting new adventure that leads to many great experiences, such as traveling to China to meet Chinese girls. Exploring other countries can be rewarding in its own right, but when a special lady is waiting there it is even more exciting!

China is a very old country, steeped in culture and mystery. It is impossibly diverse and vast – unlike many other destinations, which makes it one of the most appealing locations for world travelers. Its vastness and mystery can also, however, make it extremely daunting. So, here are some tips for those who plan to visit China for the very first time.


Dealing with the language barrier

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone traveling to China for the first time is the language barrier. Despite English being taught in Chinese schools, this barrier can often seem impenetrable, especially in the rural regions. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to communicate with Chinese girls.

It is a good idea to try and learn a few basic words and phrases before embarking on the journey. Take a class in the country’s default language, Mandarin Chinese, if possible. And, do not forget to take a Mandarin Chinese phrasebook, an English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-English pocket dictionary, and install some translator apps on your smartphone or tablet. When roaming throughout China, always take some Chinese-language business cards of the hotel or places you wish to visit, in order to make your travels a little easier.

Keep your itinerary concise

In the excitement of planning a trip to China to meet that someone special, it can be easy to forget just how massive the country actually is. China is home to the world’s highest mountains, most expansive deserts, remote jungles, and largest cities. Do not wear yourself out by trying to see it all in a few days – keep the itinerary focused and concise. In fact, if you have someone you are planning to meet in China, ask her for some advice on exploring the region she is from. The locals always know the best locations and sights to see, after all!

Use public transport

In the larger cities, public transport is quite extensive and very reliable. It is an inexpensive way to explore the city. Buses, bikes, and trains are the way the locals get around, so why shouldn’t you? Most cities, in fact, are designed with bicyclists in mind, especially in Beijing. Do not worry about getting lost – Chinese people are extremely polite, honest, and friendly and are usually happy to help a friendly tourist who has lost his way.

Many people jump at the chance to travel to China, and rightly so. The country is beautiful and exciting and has so much to offer. So, if you are interested in dating or meeting Chinese girls in their home country, start planning your trip right away!

Chinese girls: Visiting China? Fun facts!

If you think Chinese girls are beautiful and you already have an online dating profile, you might be thinking about taking a trip to China one day.  This isn’t so strange; if you meet someone online and start feeling strongly about her, you will probably want to visit her in her home country at some point.

As a Westerner, however, there are some things you probably don’t know about China.  Before going to any foreign country, it is a good idea to learn a little bit about appropriate behavior.


What not to do:

  • DON’T stick your chopsticks straight up in your rice.  This is considered extremely rude and is associated with funerals.
  • DON’T expect to eat dog locally.  According to CNN, the dog consumption rate has actually declined in recent years.
  • DON’T assume everyone in China speaks Chinese.  The Chinese language isn’t really a single language; it is actually composed of many dialects, the most common of which are Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • DON’T be afraid to use the public squat toilets.  They are actually more sanitary than traditional toilets in the West.  Just don’t forget to bring your own toilet paper!

What to do:

  • If you are presented with a gift, DO politely refuse it several times before accepting.  Do the same thing with compliments.
  • DO feel free to breathe in Beijing.  The air is still polluted, but it isn’t quite as bad as you might think.
  • DO ask a local how to access blocked websites.  Most Chinese people actually use VPNs (virtual private networks) for their internet surfing.
  • DO feel free to burp in public.  It’s not really rude in China!  Staring is also perfectly acceptable there.

If you are getting ready to head to China to meet some beautiful Chinese girls, keep these light-hearted but important tips in mind!

Dating single Asian women? Tips for traveling in China

Dating single Asian women can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it is important to understand their culture.  When traveling to China to meet your lady love for the first time, there are some things that you should keep in mind to avoid uncomfortable situations.


Here’s how to make a really good impression on single Asian women in China.

  • Compliments.  It is important to be as humble and polite as possible in China, so if you are given a compliment, keep this in mind.  A good rule of thumb is to simply feign humility, even if you don’t really feel it.
  • Saving face.  Don’t ever publicly humiliate anyone in China.  In fact, you should always compliment someone and give credit when it is due.  Graciousness is highly respected.
  • Suppress the anger.  Public displays of anger are frowned upon in China and cause many people to feel uncomfortable.  The Chinese culture highly regards group harmony, so it is important to be polite and cope privately, especially if you are foreign.
  • Don’t use first names.  Unlike in the West, many people in China aren’t comfortable calling each other by their first names, especially when they aren’t well acquainted.  Keep it formal until they have requested otherwise.
  • Learn how to use chopsticks.  In most cases, serving spoons and other similar utensils are non-existent.  Most people serve themselves by using their chopsticks, but they use the end that doesn’t go in their mouth.
  • Drink responsibly.  It is customary to offer a toast before consuming an alcoholic beverage.  Doing this shows gratitude and respect to those around you.
  • Always offer to pay the bill.  It is good manners to try to pay the bill when going out to dinner with a group of people.  The gesture will be very much appreciated.
  • Refusing and accepting.  When you are a guest in someone’s home, it is customary to refuse the initial offer of food or drink, but it is perfectly acceptable to agree on the second or third attempt.  Just remember, a good guest will say no at least once, but the host should offer at least twice.

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