China Love Date Celebrates Spring Festival – Story of Nian

China Love Date tells the story of Nian. Spring Festival for Chinese people is the same as Christmas for Westerners. For both, it’s the most traditional festive season of the year. China Love Date would like to celebrate this festive season by bringing our cultures together. We want to help you by providing an honest and trustworthy online Chinese dating platform, so you can meet Asian singles who are seeking reliable Western men.

If you do not know the Nian story, then take a quick glimpse at this video to understand the story that has been handed down through the generations.

Spring festival, as mentioned above, is very similar to the Christmas holiday season in the West. During the Lunar New Year, the Chinese takes seven days holiday so they can spend the time with their families. The Spring Festival traditionally takes place on the 12th day of the lunar calendar and continues through to the middle of the first Lunar month of the next year.

During spring festival, you can sense a feeling of love and happiness. A vibrant atmosphere spills out onto the streets of China, where you will find amazing lion and dragon lanterns dancing to loud music. There are large numbers of happy people having fun and enjoying themselves.

Another common tradition during the spring festival is the red envelope with lucky money. Chinese people call it Ya Sui Qian which means lucky money. Elders will present small children with red envelopes containing lucky money in the hope that the children will bring them good luck for the forthcoming year. It’s quite similar to Trick or Treat in the west.

A final note to say it is very common for all relatives living away from family to come home during spring festival. So be careful when travelling around China during this time, as airports and train stations will be extremely busy with large crowds.

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