Qing Ming Festival Recognised by China Love Date

China has, many traditions and values, but an important one for the Western world is the family. Worshiping their ancestors is a very important part of the Chinese culture, “respecting your ancestors and remembering your family background has always been very deep within the Chinese people’s tradition,” said Toni, co-founder of China Love Date

china love qing ming Festival

There are many festivals where the Chinese people worship their ancestors, but the most important one of all is the Qing Ming festival. The Qing Ming festival which falls on the 15th day during Spring Equinox is also known as the Tomb Sweeping Day. During this memorable day Chinese people will sweep clean their ancestor’s graves, lay new flowers and remember their ancestors. They will also offer them food. Burning of joss paper is also very common. The Chinese people believe that burnt joss paper can be used as money on the other side.

The Qing Ming festival has now been set as a public holiday by Government so that relatives and families can visit the graves of their ancestors. Many will also lay flowers at monuments and celebrate the lives for those who sacrificed themselves during the revolutionary war.

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