Chinese dating in China: Nightlife in Beijing

So you’ve met that perfect girl online and are ready for some real Chinese dating in China, but you have no idea what to do or where to go in Beijing.  Beijing is a beautiful, exciting city, so there is plenty to do at night.


In some respects, Chinese dating in China isn’t so different from going out in the West – young couples still like to go out and have fun.  The nightlife in many large Chinese cities is catching up with the West, but China’s night scene does have a personality all its own.

Chinese nightlife has it all: bars, clubs, theatre, karaoke, and dancing.  It also has a lot more, such as acrobatic shows and a little touch of naughtiness that the West just doesn’t offer.

Compared to Shanghai, Beijing’s nightlife is pretty tame, but that isn’t saying much.  Most places are open until the wee hours of the morning and there is plenty to do and see.  Although the most popular non-alcoholic beverage is still tea, there are plenty of other options.  If you’ve got a few nights to spare in Beijing, read on for some great suggestions!

  • Alfa.  There’s always something appealing about a place that has something for everyone.  During the day, Alfa offers one of the best brunches in town.  At night, it is known for its drinks and dancing.
  • Bed Tapas & Bar.  Who doesn’t love a place called “Bed”?  This unusual and intimate bar isn’t the cleanest in the city, but it is quiet and relaxed.  Sprawl out on a bed, enjoy some dancing, and don’t miss out on the mojitos.
  • Destination.  Destination is your destination for a fun night out!  This is a gay bar, but plenty of women enjoy this place. You’ll also find lots of young Chinese people, hip expatriates, and corporate mavericks.  The music isn’t too loud and there’s a handful of seating and bars.
  • Stone Boat Bar.  If you want a charming environment that offers an eclectic mix of live music, head over to Stone Boat Bar, a faux Qing Dynasty boat on the south end of the lake in Ritan Park.  It’s inexpensive and lots of fun.

Although this list of places isn’t comprehensive by any means, it is a good start for some nighttime fun with your special lady in Beijing.

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