Chinese dating: discussing Amy Tan literature

When it comes to Chinese dating, many American men don’t think about what they’ll end up discussing when they finally do find a woman they might be interested in.  Sure, they might consider topics such as tea and the Great Wall, but those topics are rather generic.

Most Chinese women are educated and smart.  Many of them read, and many of them enjoy the books of Amy Tan, an American writer whose parents were both Chinese immigrants.  Reading some of Tan’s books or even reading up on her life might make for some really interesting discussions.


Although Tan spent her years growing up in California and Switzerland, her Chinese culture was not lost.  Many people know her for her most famous work, The Joy Luck Club. Tan’s latest book, The Valley of Amazement, is a story of sex, but not in the way you might think.  The novel focuses on a mother-daughter relationship and is set partially in historical China.  When a young woman’s mother leaves for San Francisco, she is forced into the life of a courtesan.

Tan’s works, which include seven novels, a couple of children’s books, and some non-fiction is award-winning, provocative, and offers an interesting point of view on the Chinese culture.  Becoming familiar with her work allows a glimpse into one person’s take on the culture and how Chinese-Americans see it.

One word of advice for those American men engaging in Chinese dating, however: do not read Tan’s books and assume that is how your Chinese girlfriend lives!

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