Chinese dating is more than just courting a Chinese lady

You’ve probably figured out that Chinese dating is a little different than dating a girl from almost anywhere else in the world.  There are cultural barriers that you may never have even thought of.


In an effort to help you combat these cultural barriers with as little confusion and embarrassment as possible, we’ve put together a list of some really helpful hints.  Just remember, this list isn’t exhaustive, but it will help you understand Chinese dating a little more than you did yesterday.

  1. Be responsive, especially with online dating.  Lots of Chinese women may seem shy during the dating process, but they still pay attention to how you court them.  So, if you receive an email or online message, be sure to respond that same day.
  2. In China, things such as your general health, family situation, and age are not private matters.  Do not be offended if a Chinese woman asks you questions about them.
  3. The same goes for financial matters.  In China, financial status and income are not necessarily private issues.
  4. Many Chinese women will be interested in your education and will probably ask you right away.  If she speaks English well, this usually means she is very well educated in her own right.
  5. Remember, if you have communicated only via email, some of those written messages may have been translated into English.  When you do speak on the phone, don’t make her feel embarrassed by her efforts – embrace them, and try your hand at Chinese.
  6. Never use the phrase, ‘I love you,’ unless you mean it.
  7. Lots of Chinese women do not drink, so when it does come time to meet up, it might be worth an invitation to dinner or coffee rather than to a bar.
  8. If you are the guy, you will be expected to pay for most meals and dates.  This is simply tradition.

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