Chinese girls and dating agents

We’re proud to be among the top Asian dating websites in China, but sometimes people ask us why sites like ours exist at all.  Why don’t Chinese girls who are interested in Western men choose to meet them more directly?  The reasons are manifold and are rooted in Chinese tradition.

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The historical role of the matchmaker

Centuries before there were Asian dating sites online, weddings in China used to be arranged through matchmakers.  At the time of the Zhou dynasty there was an official state matchmaker responsible for overseeing marriages throughout the empire.  Later, the role became a respected profession.  Rather than focusing on individuals, matchmakers brought together families to see if they were socially compatible.  The prospective groom’s family would be expected to be wealthier and have a higher social status, while the bride’s would often be chosen on the basis of literary or artistic achievement.  If the families got along, the young people would then be introduced and a marriage might go ahead.

Matchmakers also helped to arrange introductions for widows and widowers.  In this situation they would sometimes work with people who no longer had older relatives to approve their marriage.  The involvement of the matchmaker would help to make the arrangement socially respectable.

The changing role of the chaperone

Over time, Chinese families stopped using the services of matchmakers and began to arrange marriages directly.  Gradually, young people gained more freedom to say yes or no to proposed engagements, and prospective partners started to be suggested by friends as well as parents.  Rather than being supervised by matchmakers, dates began to be chaperoned by family friends.  Much Asian dating still incorporates this tradition, but increasingly the role of the chaperone is played by a group of friends of the same age – or by an agency.

Online dating agencies

When they are hoping to meet Western men, the ideal solution for Chinese girls is to find reliable Asian dating sites.  This means that they can get to know the men who like them in a supervised environment, much like a traditional introduction by a matchmaker.  Just like a matchmaker, a good agency will ensure that they are safe and that the men they meet are genuine, with good intentions.

In keeping with Chinese tradition, we make it easy for you to get to know Chinese girls online by sending her love notes and gifts.  These will show her that you’re serious before the two of you decide whether or not to take the next step and meet up in person.

Chaperoned dates in China

If you and the Chinese woman you’re romancing do decide to meet, we can arrange to chaperone your first date for you so she will feel confident that everything is proper and above board.  Rather than making things really formal, this will actually enable her to relax and have fun.  If you enjoy each other’s company and if she believes that you are serious in your intentions, she may agree to a second date with just the two of you; it could be the beginning of the happiest relationship of your life!

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