China Love Date Celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival with you

On June 5th almost all Chinese people will celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with their families. This festival is not just about the dragon boat race. China Love Date will tell the story of the Dragon Boat Festival and the importance of the Chinese women behind it.


There are a few legends told about the Dragon Boat Festival.. The most widely known one is the story of a great statesman and poet named Quyuan, who lived in the Warring States Period, more than 2,200 years ago. Quyuan worked for the good of the country its people, so he was much loved by the people, but was hated by many other powerful statesmen who framed him for crimes. Because of this he was driven away from the palace and exiled.

After he was exiled, the country was destroyed by corruption and was eventually occupied by the neighboring country. Quyuan felt deeply sad for the destruction of his country and the people suffered from the war. He did not want to abandon this country and wrote his last poem to express his sadness. Then he jumped into the river and killed himself.

Hearing about Quyuan’s death, most people were very shocked and sad. They went to the river side and mourned him. Many fishermen began to searching for Quyuan’s. This was the origin of the dragon boat race. To prevent the fish eating the body of Quyuan, one of the fishermen threw rice balls into the river, hoping that the fish would eat them instead. The rice balls was the orgin of Zongzi, a traditional food made from sticky rice and other ingredients inside such as pork, plum preserves, hams or salted eggs.

Today, watching the dragon boat races and eating Zongzi is still very popular among Chinese people. Families would also get together and enjoy a big dinner. Since 2008, the Chinese government has made the Dragon Boat Festival a public holiday, so that people can take a day off work and enjoy the time with their families.

If you are dating Chinese women or you have a Chinese wife, remember to share this festival with her. She will be impressed by your respect and care for her culture and value and love you even more.

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