Not enough Chinese women for single Chinese men?

Lately, it seems as though there is a growing problem of too many single Chinese men when compared to the number of single Chinese women.


According to recent statistics, the number of senior citizens is growing and the number of younger working class singles is shrinking.  This imbalance is found in almost every country across the globe, but it is particularly noticeable in China, where the population is so huge.

Part of this social phenomenon is the fact that there is a growing number of young Chinese men that will likely never marry due to the country’s one-child policy and the practice of many single Chinese women looking to marry Westerners.

Can you picture what it must be like to live in a society where about 25 percent of adult men will never have been married – and not by choice?  This is a pretty amazing phenomenon.  So, what are young single Chinese men to do?

Some men might start to marry younger women in both China and abroad.  This will likely increase their chances of marrying and is already in practice.  It is not uncommon to see an older Chinese man married to a much younger woman.  With growing numbers of unmarried Chinese men on the horizon, these types of relationships might become even more commonplace.

Other men might turn to online dating to meet someone abroad to increase the likelihood of meeting that special someone.  In fact, this is something that is already quite common!

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