Green card tips for men marrying single Asian women

For many American men, marrying single Asian women is a reality, but getting a green card for that new spouse can be a challenge.  There are a number of special instructions for permanent residents and US citizens that want to petition for a fiancée or spouse from China.

US citizenship

Often, when US residents look into marrying single Asian women, they want to find out how to bring their new spouse to the country for a long and happy life together.  Getting a green card is an important part of this – the green card indicates that a person is a lawful permanent resident.

On a very basic level, marrying a US citizen or lawful permanent resident allows foreign-born people a direct link to US immigration.  However, simply getting married doesn’t guarantee a green card to any person despite common belief.  What does happen when a US citizen marries a foreigner is that the new spouse becomes an ‘Immediate relative’ and may get a green card once the application process is complete – this can take several months.

Getting a green card is a pretty involved process with multiple steps, which include submitting forms and providing a lot of different documentation.  The person applying for the green card must also attend an interview with US immigration authorities.  This process helps to prove the status of the person applying for the green card, confirm a valid, bona fide marriage, and that the individual isn’t inadmissible to the country based on financial, criminal, or medical reasons.

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