Do you know who the Chinese dating gods are?

So you’re into Chinese dating, but do you know anything about the deities that represent love and lust in Chinese mythology?

Chinese gods

Yue Lao

You’ve heard of the Man in the Moon, but have you heard of the Man under the Moon? Meet Yue Lao, a popular Chinese deity. He is the overseer of heterosexual marriage and is often connected to the red thread of destiny. He is known for binding two people’s hearts together in love and marriage. The most well known story involving this god might be that of Wei Gu, who wanted to know who was destined to become his wife. When Yue Lao showed him the vision of an old woman and young child living in poverty, Wei Gu ordered that they be killed. The child was injured but managed to escape, and she ended up becoming Wei Gu’s wife years later.

Tu Er Shen

Tu Er Shen is a relatively minor figure in Chinese mythology, probably because he represents homosexual love and marriage. As a mortal, he was known as Hu Tianbao and was considered a “peeping tom” and subsequently beaten to death. However, the gods were impressed by his unrequited love and restored him to life as a deity instead of a mere mortal. In many cases, Tu Er Shen is depicted as a rabbit. It is worth mentioning, however, that despite Tu Er Shen being worshipped, homosexual activity is a criminal offense in China.

Of course, there are more deities that oversee Chinese dating, including Chuang-Mu, who is the goddess of the bedroom and sexual delights. There is also Fu-Hsi, who is the god of happiness and oversees love, destiny and success.

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