Love Asian dating and tea? Visit Hangzhou

Guys interested in Asian dating don’t typically start out with a love for tea, but sometimes an interest in tea blossoms from the experience. There is one place in China that is iconic as far as tea-drinking goes: Hangzhou.


Hangzhou is the capital of the Zhejiang province and is also known as the “capital of tea.” The city is home to the renowned Dragon Well, or Longjing, green tea and offers one of the most authentic tea-drinking experiences in all of China.

If the Asian dating romance is going well, there could soon be a trip to China, and Hangzhou is not to be missed, especially if you are interested in tea. The place is picturesque, offering a glittering lake and a sprawling landscape. Don’t miss the scenic trails, woodsy paths and a number of historical and cultural spots to visit.

Whatever you do when visiting Hangzhou, be sure to enjoy the tea. Longjing tea is grown only in this region and is one of the few teas to ever have been granted an “Imperial Tea” status during the Qing Dynasty. The leaves are handpicked and roasted almost immediately, which prevents the natural fermentation and oxidation processes.

The delicate tea leaves produce a yellow-green color and a subtle, smooth flavor. The tea has been shown to be rich in vitamin C, aid in digestion and offer a number of other health benefits. Aside from drinking plenty of Dragon tea while in Hangzhou, be sure to also check out the National Tea Museum, the Meijiawu Tea Plantation, and the area’s many fabulous tea houses.

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