Why do so many white men want a date with Chinese women?

Lots of white men pine over the idea of a date with Chinese women, but where has this fetish come from?  Why do so many white Western men want to get romantic with Chinese women?

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The initial attraction might be rooted in stereotypes and myths.  A popular misconception is that Chinese women are better lovers than other women and offer no meaningful presence in popular culture or politics.  If this is the reason you want a date with Chinese women, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

But where do these misconceptions come from?  Art and literature, of course!  Just look at the roles you typically see Chinese women playing in the movies, in theater, and on TV.

The Asian woman is eroticized in Western culture, perhaps because she is so different.  Femme fatales, sexy Geishas, and Kung Fu seductresses fill the screens and sell tickets.  Ethnically neutral roles aren’t quite as exciting when you think about it, are they?

An interesting point about this sexualization of Asian women in the movies and media, however, is that most women aren’t bothered by it.  That’s probably why the phenomenon is so strong.

Like it or not, this attraction is probably not going anywhere, which is why there are so many online dating sites focusing on bringing Western men and Asian women together.

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